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5 Things HVAC/R Teams Need to Know

Regulation Changes Impacting Maintenance Requirements and Record Keeping 2019 was the year we all started to see HVAC/R regulations come into focus, with changes at the federal and state level impacting both maintenance requirements and record keeping.  What did not change in 2019 was the employment...

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Integrating Refrigerant Regulations into Your Business

Refrigerant Regulations are Constantly Changing As a business or building owner, it’s your job to know what regulations to adhere to. Refrigerant regulations are constantly changing, and affect your ability to stay compliant. We often see companies who hire lawyers who are experts in OSHA, environmental policies,...

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We Should All Expect More From Our Technology

Being Effective and Making Life Easier   In search of myths The world expects a lot from all of us and there’s too many problems in your work life to take them all on one at a time, by yourself.   Technology has always been sold as making our...

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Urban Planning, Impact and Investment

How the concept of "all policies are local" reminds us that even the grandest of ambitions come with consequences We all remember that iconic scene in the 1980’s classic, Ferries Bueller’s Day Off. Ferris, his girlfriend, Sloane, and his best friend, Cameron, have cut school and...

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At the Doorstep of the New Roaring 20s

How did we get here?  We have reached the end of a decade; but not the “end of the top 10 lists”, “best of”, or the “decades greatest hits.”  Regardless of how many of these we read, they all provide some perspective and remind us that...

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