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Global Warming Potential Table: 20 years vs. 100, and NY’s new “Trojan Horse”

New York State has a new Senate bill, S6030, which brings up several issues with climate accounting and Global Warming Potential. As noted here, the bill "purports to align New York’s emission accounting methodology with a federal methodology by shifting the measurement of GHG’s (greenhouse...

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Sustainability reporting: How to do it properly

At the recent COP26 climate summit in Glasgow, Scotland, the news about our current global warming trajectory and greenhouse gas emissions was fairly dire. We’ve already warmed the planet +1.2°C over pre-industrial averages (as of the summit in 2021)....

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HVAC equipment

What are Fugitive Emissions and Why Should I Care?

Fugitive emissions are gasses, whether natural gas, carbon dioxide, or refrigerant-specific gasses, that are released into the atmosphere accidentally. They're considered hazardous air pollutants and a threat to environmental sustainability, coming from pressure-containing equipment like storage tanks and systems that we see in the air...

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