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Facilities, HVAC/R & EHS (&S) Working together: Embracing New Responsibilities

  Historically HVAC/R owners/Operators have had the responsibility to track refrigerants only if systems contained 50 pounds or more of refrigerant. Refrigerants are a class of chemicals used in cooling equipment that can cool, people, places, food, or a production process. Additionally, refrigerants may be referred...

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Sustainability, ESG Reporting, & Your Refrigerant Impact

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What are Fugitive Emissions and Why Should I Care?

Fugitive emissions are gasses, whether natural gas, carbon dioxide, or refrigerant-specific gasses, that are released into the atmosphere accidentally. They're considered hazardous air pollutants and a threat to environmental sustainability, coming from pressure-containing equipment like storage tanks and systems that we see in the air...

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