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Exploring EPA Regulations HVACR Technology Changes

Exploring EPA Regulations, HVAC/R Technology Changes, and their intersection between Clean Air Act Revisions, EU’s CSRD, and SEC Scope 1 Reporting on Maintenance, record-keeping, reporting and planning for the year ahead.

Navigating the evolving regulatory landscape of the refrigerant industry starts with understanding that 12.5 Billion Pounds of refrigerant have been vented since 1994 in the US. Refrigerants known by names like freon and F-gasses serve a critical need and serve as a great coolant keeping food...

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Global Warming Potential Table: 20 years vs. 100, and NY’s new “Trojan Horse”

New York State has a new Senate bill, S6030, which brings up several issues with climate accounting and Global Warming Potential. As noted here, the bill "purports to align New York’s emission accounting methodology with a federal methodology by shifting the measurement of GHG’s (greenhouse...

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Global warming potential: Understanding the refrigerant impact

Global warming potentials and boosting your carbon literacy It's time to enhance your carbon literacy, as evolving regulations are transforming the decision-making process for refrigerant choices across your entire team -- and as the HVAC/R industry evolves under new regulations and scrutiny, it's crucial to recognize...

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