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California’s SB 260 and SEC Tackle Scope 1 Emissions

California is once again leading the way in reducing companies' Scope 1 emissions and bolstering their environmental sustainability and corporate sustainability initiatives. SB 260 recently passed through the California senate, addressing all three scopes of emissions. What is most important to refrigerant tracking and HVAC/R...

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Operationalizing HVAC/R Compliance

To reach compliance success, are you ready, willing, and able to look even deeper into your business? Your entire refrigerant emissions compliance program must remain an intentional and integral part of your consolidated operation. We call this process Operationalizing Compliance. It’s the process TrakRef created to...

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Is Your HVACR Maintenance Plan Ready for 2021?

Compliance planning enables you to properly manage HVACR assets and achieve operational success as well as environmental sustainability. Does your current HVACR maintenance plan reflect today's most important refrigerant compliance requirements well enough? Is your HVACR maintenance plan ready for 2021? Let's find out. In...

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