An HVACR & Compliance Management Software to Mitigate Risk.

HVACR & refrigerant compliance is fast-changing and complex. You have a lot of responsibilities from compliance reporting, to ESG reporting, to refrigerant tracking, to leak inspections.

That’s why we made Trakref: An HVACR and refrigerant management software, coupled with a mobile app, that helps HVACR professionals from facility managers to compliance offers do their job, achieve environmental sustainability, and track their environmental footprint for corporate sustainability. Our software also functions as a fugitive emissions software and refrigerant compliance software.

25% Average Leak Rate

Patchwork of Regulations

Refrigerant Phasedowns

You’re At the Right Place For Refrigerant Compliance Software.

Achieve ESG reporting and compliance reporting at the push of a button for Section 608, GreenChill, SEC, CARB, & more.

Trakref is an out-of-the-box fugitive emissions software that empowers your workforce to better oversee assets and refrigerant usage for environmental sustainability. Use our regulatory compliance software to maintain compliance on your refrigeration equipment and do better ESG reporting to track your environmental footprint and answer sustainability audit questions.

Whether you’re an equipment owner, compliance manager, or service contractor, we have the solutions, like our environmental compliance calendar software, to reduce refrigerant emissions and extend HVACR equipment life for corporate sustainability, all while reducing maintenance and material costs for refrigeration assets.

As a refrigerant compliance software provider, we’ve had thousands of successful audits and hundreds of millions of pounds of gas tracked. It’s time to take control over your refrigerant tracking, compliance, and ESG reporting data with the tools created by our software corporation.

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Prepare for Regulatory Changes

Refrigerant tracking, regulations for environmental sustainability, and sustainability audit questions are numerous, complex, and changing at multiple levels of governance. Compliance officers and facility managers need to have the best environmental software providers in place to plan for corporate sustainability.

Whether you have facilities that need to comply with Section 608, SEC, or California refrigeration regulations, Trakref’s fugitive emissions software can help with your environmental footprint.

Our refrigerant compliance software comes pre-built with workflows embedded with refrigerant fugitive emissions best practices to guide you and your workforce to optimal outcomes. Trakref will help you track refrigerant usage and maintain your refrigeration assets. This way you also have data for ESG reporting later.

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EPA Section 608

With the passage of the AIM Act, changes to EPA Section 608 are forthcoming and will most likely affect HFC refrigerants.

EPA GreenChill

We have simple tools to help you create GreenChill reports, and manage refrigerant leaks to reach or maintain GreenChill certification.

California Refrigerant Management Program

Submit your annual CARB RMP reports with Trakref at push-button convenience.

State HFC Regulations

Numerous states now have their own HFC refrigerant regulations that phase out certain HFC refrigerants at specific times.

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Trakref Announces the Trakref-Darden Matrix for ESG Maturity

After eight months of research, Trakref and Darden School of Business release a new set of standards for measuring ESG maturity and its relationship to maintenance maturity…

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Guide Your Team to Compliance

Compliance Management Software

In the office? Our desktop compliance software helps you assess the environmental, health, and safety impacts of your HVACR assets with real-time data and compliance reports. Oversee leak inspections and ensure that you're in regulatory compliance for your refrigerant usage.

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Refrigerant App

Out-in-the-field? Our TR3 mobile app eliminates paper-based hassles and allows service teams to more efficiently and effectively enter service records. With the app, you can support regulatory tracking and provide compliance reporting at the touch of a button.

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Free Refrigerant Tracking App

Just getting started with refrigerant management? We have a digital refrigerant management journal app that allows you to track everything gas and cylinder related. Reduce leak rates today.

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100% of support team is in the USA.

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Trakref’s Refrigerant Geek Academy features FREE live events and resources on the most important refrigerant tracking, ESG reporting, and compliance topics.

Our Compliance Open Mic Events, hosted by refrigerant geeks with more than 25+ years of experience in refrigerant management and environmental sustainability discuss the most pertinent issues of refrigerant management today. We talk about everything from regulations, to new business models in refrigerant management, to ESG reporting, to better using the full feature capabilities of our regulatory compliance software. Learn about everything from reducing your environmental footprint to sustainability audit questions, to the help that environmental software provides to professionals. We go live every-other Thursday.

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Are you up-to-date with the latest in HVACR compliance and corporate sustainability? Reducing leak events, eliminating reliance on old systems, and turning to environmental software providers is crucial for environmental sustainability, compliance, reducing your environmental footprint, and ESG reporting.

That’s why our team of refrigerant geeks monitor the most important developments in refrigerant and refrigerant tracking. Subscribe to our newsletter now.

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Keeping Compliance Cool

We harmonize your HVACR requirements across maintenance, assets, and regulations to reduce leak events. Trakref is the only hybrid CMMS, EAM, and EMS management software out there that can accomplish these complex challenges and track compliance activities. We use a visual indicator and easy-to-use workflows to ensure you’re in compliance and addressing leak repairs.

Achieving a compliant HVACR workforce will change over time as regulations change. New requirements will demand that equipment owners balance performance, costs, and skills.

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Simplify Refrigerant Compliance

HVAC/R and refrigerant compliance can be complicated when you support multi site organizations. That’s why Trakref’s enterprise scale system makes it easy no matter where your sites and refrigeration assets live.

You can do audits and create a regulation workflow at the push of a button with auto-generated data for federal, state, and local HVAC/R and refrigerant regulations, including EPA 608; CARB RMP; SCAQMD 1415; ANSI/ASHRAE; and ISO 14001.

Don’t worry about differing compliance standards because Trakref’s zip code based awareness provides compliant workflows and forms based on geographic locations.

We embed regulatory compliance and industry best practices into easy-to-use and compliant workflows.

This helps service techs provide the data you need to complete important forms. Trakref is even advanced enough to discover if your auto-generated forms are missing key data.

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Speak from the Geeks

What refrigerant geeks say about our refrigerant management software.

« Trakref® does very well inventory management, »

customer service and leak rate information which is important to know for regulation's requirements.

- Juan G. Refrigeration Contractor

« Trakref aligns with state and federal regulation »

better than any other refrigerant tracking platform I have used, and responds to communication practically immediately.

- Richard W. Facility Manager

« Trakref tracks individual types of service better than anyone. »

Trakref also has the ability to view things by clicking on a location, assets, ID#, etc. Reporting with Trakref is the easiest I have seen with other software companies. Also, they offer an app. To my knowledge it's the only one in the industry for tracking asset data on an app.

- Susan H. Property Manager

« Customer service is timely and friendly. »

Trakref also requires federal and state compliance with recordkeeping. The website is user friendly and provides many options on reporting, tracking, and attaching documents.

- Cynthia R. Refrigerant Compliance Manager