Simplify HVACR Compliance

HVACR compliance is fast-changing and complex, and you have a lot of responsibilities.

That’s why we made Trakref: A comprehensive HVACR and refrigerant management software that helps you do your job better.

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Full Lifecycle HVACR & Refrigerant Management 

With pre-built workflows & push-button reporting, you can achieve optimal compliance outcomes.

Trakref is an out-of-the-box refrigerant management software built to protect owners but designed to support service providers. We give you powerful software tools to manage refrigerant leaks and extend HVAC/R equipment life, reducing maintenance and material costs in the process.

We are the subject-matter experts and authority on HVAC/R and refrigerant management and compliance. No consultants are needed because we update all your needs as the requirements change. Thousands of successful audits. Hundreds of millions of pounds of gas tracked.


Your HVAC/R & refrigerant management simplified.

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Guide Your Team to Compliance

Refrigerant Compliance Management Software

In the office? Our desktop platform helps you assess the environmental, health, and safety impacts of your HVACR assets with real-time data and compliance reports.

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Refrigerant Compliance App

Out-in-the-field? Our V3 mobile app eliminates paper-based hassles and allows service teams to more efficiently and effectively enter service records.

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Free Refrigerant Tracking App

Just getting started with refrigerant management? We have a digital refrigerant journal app that allows you to track everything gas and cylinder related.

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100% of product built with pride in the USA.

100% of support team is in the USA.

ted atwood president trakref

Meet Ted Atwood, Chief Refrigerant Geek

Ted Atwood is the President & CEO of Trakref and has spent more than 20 years in the HVACR industry, even owning and operating one of the nation’s largest refrigerant reclaim and recycling companies.

As the Chief Refrigerant Geek, he knows the insides and outs of HVACR and refrigerant compliance and is ready to help you and your team keep compliance cool with our refrigerant compliance management software. Got a compliance question? He can help.

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Join the Refrigerant Geek Community

Are you up-to-date with the latest in HVACR compliance? Since HVACR and refrigerant regulations are so fast-changing and complex, it’s important for you to be in-the-know on what’s going on.

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Latest Insights

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Keeping Compliance Cool

We harmonize your HVACR requirements across maintenance, assets, and regulations. Trakref is the only hybrid CMMS, EAM, and EMS refrigerant management software out there that can accomplish these complex challenges.

Achieving a compliant HVACR workforce will change over time as regulations spread throughout all aspects of equipment, materials, and service. New requirements will demand that equipment owners balance performance, costs, and skills.

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Simplify Refrigerant Compliance

HVAC/R and refrigerant compliance can be complicated when you manage multiple properties across different locations. That’s why Trakref makes it easy no matter where your equipment lives.

You can do audits at the push of a button with auto-generated data for federal, state, and local HVAC/R and refrigerant regulations, including EPA 608; CARB RMP; SCAQMD 1415; ANSI/ASHRAE; and ISO 14001.

Don’t worry about differing compliance standards because Trakref’s zip code based awareness provides compliant workflows and forms based on the geographic locations of your properties.

We embed regulatory compliance and industry best practices into easy-to-use and compliant workflows.

This helps service techs provide the data you need to complete important forms. Trakref’s refrigerant management software is even advanced enough to discover if your auto-generated forms are missing key data and pinpoint what information is needed to become compliant.

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Our refrigerant management software provides peace of mind and ease of use.

« Trakref® does very well inventory management, »

customer service and leak rate information which is important to know for regulation's requirements.

- Juan G. Refrigeration Contractor

« Trakref aligns with state and federal regulation »

better than any other refrigerant tracking platform I have used, and responds to communication practically immediately.

- Richard W. Facility Manager

« Trakref tracks individual types of service better than anyone. »

Trakref also has the ability to view things by clicking on a location, assets, ID#, etc. Reporting with Trakref is the easiest I have seen with other software companies. Also, they offer an app. To my knowledge it's the only one in the industry for tracking asset data on an app.

- Susan H. Property Manager

« Customer service is timely and friendly. »

Trakref also requires federal and state compliance with recordkeeping. The website is user friendly and provides many options on reporting, tracking, and attaching documents.

- Cynthia R. Refrigerant Compliance Manager