Smarter HVAC/R Leak Management

With vital stats to make the best data-driven decision possible, you’ll know your assets’ future before they do

Trakref® is an “out of the box” solution built to protect owners but designed to support service providers. Designed to be up and running rapidly, we give you powerful software tools to manage leaks and extend equipment life, reducing maintenance and material costs in the process.

We are the subject-matter expert and authority on HVAC/R and refrigerant system management and compliance. No consultants are needed because we update all your needs as the requirements change.Thousands of successful audits. Hundreds of millions of pounds of gas tracked. 

Yeah, we’re really that good.

A Solution Without Confusion

Customer-Sourced Compliance Support

Experience you can trust, spanning over 25 years from pipe fitters to compliance experts. We sell more than software, we become the compliance champion on your team. Imagine what we’ll accomplish together!

We help you achieve 100% compliance and ensure the successful optimization of your systems. That’s why we guarantee it! Tracking, guiding and most importantly supporting service activities. This empowers you to improve the value and efficiency of your business. Our 25+ years of industry experience helps us develop custom plans tailor-made for your needs.

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We Don’t Replace, We Integrate.
Trakref® harmonizes standards across maintenance, assets and regulations. We are the only hybrid CMMS, EAM and EMS out there that can accomplish these complex challenges.

Achieving a compliant workspace will change over time as regulations spread throughout all aspects of equipment, materials and service. But requirements will demand that equipment owners balance performance, costs and skills.
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Simplifying Compliance

Compliance is complicated when you manage multiple properties in different locations. We make it easy no matter where your equipment lives.
Simple pushbutton audits with autogenerated data for: Federal EPA (608); California requirements like CARB RMP and SCAQMD; ANSI/ASHRAE; ISO 14001; Water cooling tower compliance; and building energy benchmarking

Don’t worry about differing compliance standards because trakref®’s zip code based awareness provides compliant workflows and forms based on the geographic locations of your properties. We embed regulatory research into compliant workflows. This helps service techs provide the data you need to complete important forms. Trakref® is even advanced enough to discover if your auto generated forms are missing key data, and pinpoint what information is needed to become compliant.

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