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Facilities, HVAC/R & EHS (&S) Working together: Embracing New Responsibilities

  Historically HVAC/R owners/Operators have had the responsibility to track refrigerants only if systems contained 50 pounds or more of refrigerant. Refrigerants are a class of chemicals used in cooling equipment that can cool, people, places, food, or a production process. Additionally, refrigerants may be referred...

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New Jersey Climate Bill Expands State Reporting Requirements for HVAC/R Owners and Operators

  New Jersey Cares About All Greenhouse Gases, Not Just Carbon Dioxide When people think of greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide is the first that comes to mind. But few consider the refrigerant in their car's air conditioner, the HVAC unit on their house, or the refrigerator in...

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Sustainability, ESG Reporting, & Your Refrigerant Impact

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