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The Importance of ESG Reports – Launching the Trakref and Darden Research Initiative for Compliance and Sustainability

ESG reports are becoming more standard each year, so building on our trailblazing history of more than 25 years of refrigerant management, Trakref launches the Trakref and Darden Research Initiative for Compliance and Sustainability in partnership with the University of Virginia Darden School of Business....

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Managing the Refrigerant Drawdown – Why destruction is a better option than recycle when it comes to refrigerants end of life

Years ago, I ran one of the largest refrigerant reclamation companies in the United States. We processed millions of pounds of refrigerant gasses each year. Along the way, we became evangelists for proper reclaiming and recycling harmful refrigerant gasses. Our goal was to reduce mixed...

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energy management

How Energy Management is Leading Corporate Sustainability Conversations

Before the 2010’s, investors paid little attention to ESG and Sustainability data. The story in the 2020’s is very different. Today’s investors are hungry for data on your company’s environmental impact, labor policies, energy efficiency, board composition, and more.  The Real World Business Value of ESG Strong...

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Double Materiality 31

Refrigerants, ESG, and the concept of Double Materiality

The concept of Double Materiality is a carbon accounting practice that is an extension of the concept of financial materiality. Financial materiality is about reporting information that is material to a company. Double Materiality corresponds with Financial materiality as it standardizes the carbon reporting practices...

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Operationalizing HVAC/R Compliance

To reach compliance success, are you ready, willing, and able to look even deeper into your business? Your entire refrigerant emissions compliance program must remain an intentional and integral part of your consolidated operation. We call this process Operationalizing Compliance. It’s the process TrakRef created to...

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Refrigerants impact on substainability and ESG Reporting

Refrigerants Impact on ESG and Sustainability Reporting

Refrigerant management and tracking is the ultimate test of your team’s ability to communicate and collaborate.   URGENT: The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) now closely monitors results and standardized disclosures more aggressively for public companies, largely because investors are asking them to provide better data and...

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