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Refrigerant Management: Making R-22 Last

Making R-22 Last Trakref launches new end-to-end solution enabling supply chain and end users to track and manage refrigerants. Recently stories in the news have been mentioning the restrictions on R-22 refrigerant that go into place on January 1, 2020. [embed][/embed]   These EPA regulations for environmental sustainability, originally put...

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The Environmental Impact of HCFC Refrigerants, CFC Refrigerants, and HFC Refrigerants

[sg_popup id="20707" event="hover"][/sg_popup]Ever wondered about how refrigerants harm the environment? HCFC refrigerants, CFC refrigerants, and HFC refrigerants all are harmful to environmental sustainability and are considered greenhouse gases. They all have high global warming potential (gwp) and are often found in air conditioning and other refrigerants,...

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