4 Ways to Improve Your ESG Reports with Software

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4 Ways to Improve Your ESG Reports with Software

Every year, hundreds of millions of pounds of refrigerant gas go unreported. The consequences of such oversight are substantial. Not only do untracked gas leaks result in extreme damage to the atmosphere and the climate, but they also lead to billions of dollars in losses, damaging your bottom line.

One of the best ways to improve your ESG reporting process is with intuitive, easy-to-use refrigerant tracking and reporting software. Here are four of the most important ways that software can improve your ESG reports:

1. Trade in paper (or Excel) for a mobile app for the entire team.

Paper tracking for ESG reports on refrigerants is the way of the past. Even Excel spreadsheets complicate things compared to a modern, fully synchronized and cloud-based solution. You’ll save time and eliminate the guesswork with a convenient refrigerant tracking app that the entire team can access on the go. Mobile functionality prevents papers and records from falling through the cracks in between the office and the field.

Help your team to enter HVAC-R service tickets quickly and easily with a few taps on the phone that’s already in their pocket. It’s simple to achieve compliance with an intuitive phone app that’s built specifically for technicians. Reporting for environmental sustainability and showing your environmental footprint is faster (and more accurate) than compiling paper tickets when you have access to logic-driven menus, full service records, and interconnected data across everyone that touches the refrigerant management process.

2. Monitor key performance indicators in real time for strategy, budgeting, and forecasting.

Robust refrigerant management software — such as our cloud-based solution at Trakref which incorporates regulatory compliance software and environmental compliance calendar software best practices — provides everything you need in a simple-to-use, multi-location, multi-system, multi-vendor product. Track progress and performance for KPIs on sustainability, emissions compliance, waste, and efficiency with data in one centralized location. Updates in the field are reflected in the software in real-time across the team, keeping your metrics accurate and current for reporting purposes. Use the data to inform strategy, allocate your budget efficiently, and forecast KPI performance over time.

3. Improve the engagement and influence of key stakeholders.

Stakeholder engagement is hard to come by with refrigerant tracking. It isn’t a flashy or exciting subject in corporate sustainability — unless you’re a refrigerant geek like us — so anything you can do to simplify and streamline the process of creating and presenting ESG reports will go a long way. Pushback to sustainability audit questions is the norm, and key stakeholders need to see clear, straightforward evidence of ESG performance and impact to understand its value to the company. 

With simple to access drop-downs, barcode scanners, and pre-loaded logic, Trakref keeps things easy for your team and gives managers the access they expect. Better yet, our software makes reporting simple and fast, so every decision maker can understand the importance of ESG efforts at a glance.

4. Prove your company’s impact with ESG reports and satisfy business investors.

Investors demand more assurances and more specific data on your company’s performance every year. Data related to ESG impact, in particular, is in growing demand. You need Investor Quality Data, and only a unified and powerful refrigerant tracking software can provide truly complete reports that keep investors informed and safisisfied. A clear window into your ESG efforts and results across the company makes it easy to identify and report on your total ESG impact for those who care most.
Trakref enhances ESG and refrigerant tracking and brings your team together to deliver manageable, reliable reporting within minutes. We’re a software corporation with a passion for refrigerant tracking and environmental sustainability. Get in touch today to set up a demo and see for yourself.

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