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Fexa Unveils the Trakref TR4 EHS Software Solution

Revolutionizing the HVAC/R Compliance Industry with Enhanced Speed, Improved Workflows, and Modern Navigation   Trakref has just launched our revolutionary cloud-based EHS Software Solution The TR4 EHS Software solution offers a new approach to guiding the workforce toward your goals and capturing the information needed to measure real-time...

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Sustainability reporting: How to do it properly

At the recent COP26 climate summit in Glasgow, Scotland, the news about our current global warming trajectory and greenhouse gas emissions was fairly dire. We’ve already warmed the planet +1.2°C over pre-industrial averages (as of the summit in 2021)....

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How Energy Management is Leading ESG Reporting Conversations

Before the 2010s, investors paid little attention to environmental social and governance (ESG) reporting and sustainability data. The story in the 2020s is very different. Today’s investors are hungry for data on your company’s environmental sustainability impact, labor policies, energy efficiency, board composition, and more....

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what is refrigerant management

What is Refrigerant Management?

Refrigerant management was recently listed as the #1 solution to global warming in Project Drawdown. This #1 listing took many by surprise and left them asking: What is refrigerant management? So, here's what it is, and why it's important.   What is Refrigerant Management? To explain what refrigerant management...

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5 Things HVAC/R Teams Need to Know

2019 was the year we all started to see HVAC/R regulations for environmental sustainability come into focus, with changes at the federal and state level impacting both maintenance requirements and record keeping.  What did not change in 2019 was the employment situation, there are simply...

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Integrating Refrigerant Regulations into Your Business

As a business or building owner, it’s your job to know what regulations to adhere to. Refrigerant regulations are constantly changing, and affect your ability to stay compliant. This is especially important as we see more regulations come into place around environmental sustainability and decreasing...

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CARB Requirements Gathering Input

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) as part of the California Code of Regulations is working on creating new requirements intended to help the state achieve the emissions reduction goals for air pollution of SB1383. They are specifically aimed at reducing high global warming potential...

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