Integrating Refrigerant Regulations into Your Business

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Integrating Refrigerant Regulations into Your Business

Refrigerant Regulations are Constantly Changing

As a business or building owner, it’s your job to know what regulations to adhere to. Refrigerant regulations are constantly changing, and affect your ability to stay compliant. This is especially important as we see more regulations come into place around environmental sustainability and decreasing companies’ environmental footprints. 

We often see companies who hire lawyers who are experts in OSHA, environmental policies, and waste hazards. When it comes to refrigerant, especially in the supermarket sector, these lawyers often hit a wall. They don’t have the experience in this specialized topic, so they struggle just as hard to interpret the regulations as the companies seeking the help.

So the companies hit walls with their chosen experts, and now it comes time for the experts to bring in the experts. It’s at these times when consultants are often brought in to help navigate through the murky waters of government rules and regulations, as well as help companies meet their corporate sustainability initiatives.



From Consultant to Leader

So what happens once the experts are brought into the fray when supermarkets attempt to gain control of their refrigerant management and refrigerant tracking? That’s a great question, and we’d like to share a story of what can happen (Note: this may not always be the case, but it’s a story we’ve heard on more than one occasion). 

As we stated above, many supermarkets will bring in a group of lawyers to help interpret and understand the rules and regulations that are in place, and what they can expect as this industry is constantly changing as we seek to address climate change. When the lawyers are unable to fully understand and stay abreast of the ever-changing refrigerant legislation, they turn to a consultant who knows, who researches, and who can truly answer refrigerant management questions. 

Once this happens, the consultants become the leaders. They are the true experts. In some cases, supermarkets have cut their legal interpretation team to hire the consultant. This provides their business with someone who’s always on their side and seeking to save the business money, while addressing the rules and regulations in place and maintaining ongoing compliance. 



Where to Start with Supermarket Refrigerant Regulations

It’s a tricky question: where do I start with supermarket refrigerant regulations? There are multiple layers of regulations in place, both federal and state, to govern refrigerant management, which is the No. 1 solution to climate change (Don’t believe us? Head over to Project Drawdown to learn more). 

It gets even trickier when we start looking at supermarkets though. You’ve been to a supermarket, so you know just how many refrigerators and freezers they use to keep food from spoiling. Now, imagine if you’re the person in charge of managing your refrigerants. 

It’s likely that you have several types of refrigerants being used in your refrigerators and freezers throughout your store. Each of these refrigerants needs to be regularly monitored, tracked, serviced and reported to government agencies to ensure compliance. Does that sound like a simple task? Now: imagine that you are responsible for 40 supermarkets – more complicated, huh? This task becomes even more complicated to manage when you add in 100 or more supermarkets that all need and use refrigerants. 


How Trakref Solves the Problem with You

As experts in the HVAC/R industry, the question of where to start is what brings most of our customers to us. We have been working with refrigerants and governmental compliance for more than 20 years, and we can provide you with everything you need to maintain that compliance on your own. It comes in a large bound document containing 200+ pages of information that you’ll need to fill out and mail to file regularly with the agencies. 

Or you can sign up to use Trakref®️  as your refrigerant management software. Our SaaS helps you to maintain compliance with governmental rules and regulations without the necessity of filling out paperwork and using snail mail. It’s more than a spreadsheet. It’s a carefully designed system with tools to manage leaks, extend equipment life, and guide maintenance teams.  

Plus side? You will be the expert when you recommend this software to your higher-ups, because not only do we help maintain compliance so business can keep running smoothly, we’ll help you save hard-earned company dollars and avoid costly refrigerant leaks. 


Ready to Give it a Try?

Schedule a quick and informative consultation with one of our experts and learn how we can help you help your business. We’re a software corporation that has been in the regulatory compliance software and environment compliance calendar software space for years. As an environmental software provider, we make sure our refrigerant capabilities will keep you sustainable and in compliance, as well as help with ESG reporting and answering sustainability audit questions.



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