An Advanced Refrigerant Tracking App for Your Entire Team

Eliminate paper-based refrigerant tracking hassles with Trakref V3, a refrigerant tracking app that makes entering HVAC-R service tickets quick and simple to achieve compliance and later use the data for ESG reporting.

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Easy to Use, Built Specifically for Technicians

Faster than paper tickets, more accurate, and with logic-driven drop-down menus, V3, based off of our regulatory compliance software and environmental compliance calendar software, allows service teams in the field to more efficiently and effectively enter service records, and connect everyone involved in the refrigerant tracking process. This involves everyone from technicians to executives who need data for ESG reporting, environmental sustainability, and corporate sustainability initiatives.


Step-by-Step Guidance

Work online or offline and always be up to date on your service schedule needs for answering sustainability audit questions later. With user options aligned with how you work, V3 reduces the need for a vague, inconsistent notes section.

Full Equipment History

Get full access to equipment history, so you can pick up where your coworker left off, and receive alerts and notifications. As an environmental software provider, we’ll also provide asset’s life cycle to reduce your environmental footprint.


Work Orders

Easily track work, input work results, and simplify how you and your technicians collect data. This intuitive app refines the options in its dropdowns so service tickets can be entered quickly. As a software corporation, we’ve made the navigation tools more intuitive to make it simple to move from screen to screen.

Paper is the Past

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Available now to Apple or Android phone users.

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