Top 5 Future Work Trends for HVACR Service Providers

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Top 5 Future Work Trends for HVACR Service Providers

With World Refrigeration Day a little over a week away (June 26th) and as official sponsors of the event, Trakref’s refrigerant geeks thought it would be important to look at the top five future work trends for HVACR service providers. 

After all, the HVACR industry has been full of regulatory changes recently, from both a federal and state level for environmental sustainability. Such changes will surely adjust how service providers operate in the future.

Thus, this blog article will explore the top five future work trends for providers. 


Top 5 Future Work Trends for HVACR Service Providers

From new compliance requirements to new equipment servicing requirements for decreasing your environmental footprint, there’s a lot for service providers to keep up with. Here’s the top five future work trends for HVACR service providers:  


1) More compliance documentation to be responsible for. 

#1 on the list includes new compliance requirements at the federal and state level that your team will have to keep up with. In recent months, the federal EPA has started its first phase of the AIM Act implementation. 

And as you may already be well aware and as discussed in one of our Compliance Open Mic events, the new HFC phasedown law has almost completely changed the game in terms of refrigerant compliance at the federal level. With it, the law will bring a phasedown of HFCs and new possible recordkeeping and reporting requirements.

As a result, there will more compliance documentation to be responsible for in the near-term due to this new law, as well as the continued importance of ESG reporting and answering sustainability audit questions. 


2) New refrigerants to know about. 

Since HFCs are being phased down at the federal and state level to help our industry’s environmental footprint and corporate sustainability, alternative refrigerants will become more prominent. In fact, the next generation of refrigerants, like A2Ls, will require new service requirements for technicians to learn for safety reasons. 


3) More emphasis on capturing data in real-time. 

#3 on our list includes the additional emphasis that will be put on service providers to capture data in real time. Ted Atwood, Chief Refrigerant Geek, states, “We need to record things as they are happening, whereas we used to wait as much as 1 or 2 weeks to get the paperwork in the office.” 


4) Adopting a centralized asset-centric approach to refrigerant management. 

Stakeholders are opting for a more centralized approach to asset management. The refrigerant geeks talked about this in one of our recent Compliance Open Mic’s on the importance of asset stewardship and how everything should revolve around the asset. 

Because of this, there will be a significant move towards electronic records— a central repository where all stakeholders can review documents and data.


5) Be environmentally responsible throughout the refrigerant lifecycle. 

Throughout the lifecycle, refrigerants must be handled properly, from install to disposal. In the future, service providers must ensure that their teams handle refrigerant in the best, most environmentally responsible way possible.

With refrigerant management listed as a top solution to global warming in recent years by Project Drawdown, service providers must incorporate the sustainability side into refrigerant management. 


Well, that concludes our list of the top five future work trends for HVACR. As you can see, there’s a lot for future technicians to be responsible for and ensure compliance. 

That’s why our experienced team of refrigerant geeks will be going into more detail about these trends next week at our Compliance Open Mic event on Friday., June 25th at 1:30pm CST.

Celebrate World Refrigeration Day with the Refrigerant Geeks by joining us at our next Compliance Open Mic on Friday., June 25th at 1:30pm CST. 
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