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Deciphering the AIM Act: Unveiling the EPA’s Subsection H Proposed Changes – Part Three of Our In-Depth Series

An Overview of Recent Developments: The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has recently rolled out a comprehensive trilogy of regulatory amendments. Given the breadth of these changes, we've chosen to break down the updates into more digestible segments. Part 1: The 15 LB rule, Trakref's initial analysis, published...

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How to Navigate the New Era of Corporate Accountability: Understanding CSRD & California Climate Accountability Act | Empowered Systems

The Impact of EU's CSRD Mandates     Regulation The European Union's Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) represents a major turning point in the global trend towards more sustainable and transparent business operations. This directive broadens the scope of sustainability reporting beyond traditional financial disclosures, compelling companies to provide...

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Extended EPA oversight mastering new skills to support the refrigerant lifecycle with new HFC regulations and supplu chain management requirements

Extended EPA Oversight: Mastering New Skills to Support the Refrigerant Lifecycle with New HFC Regulations and Supply Chain Management Requirements

On October 6th, the EPA introduced new rules as part of the AIM Act, expanding on our last webinar that discussed updates to maintenance practices and the new 15 LB+ rulemaking.  Today, we shift gears and focus on the recycling and handling of HFCs used...

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October 2023 refrigerant round up

October Refrigerant Roundup – A brief history of the refrigerant regulatory road map, why we are where we are, and where we go from here. 

October 2023 represents a significant milestone for all HVAC/R, EHS&S, and Sustainability professionals and business owners, building managers, commercial property companies, investment funds, and shareholders responsible for owning, operating, or servicing any A.C., Refrigeration systems for any use from cooling data to food, or keeping...

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