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CARB Gathering Input on Proposed Requirements

  CARB is Collecting Feedback The California Air Resources Board (CARB) is working on creating new requirements intended to help the state achieve the emissions reduction goals of SB1383. They are specifically aimed at reducing high global warming potential (GWP) HFCs in stationary refrigeration and air conditioning...

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State of Climate Change Programs Across the US

  Planned Impact on the HVAC/R Industry The USA is like a great big franchise. The states are the franchisees and the Federal Government is the franchisor. In return for their participation, the states (aka Franchisees) get to pick and choose from a menu of services. Some...

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EPA Proposes Changes to Key Refrigerant & HVAC/R Requirements

  EPA Proposed Rule tackles HCFCs, compliance reporting, & refrigerant imports Last week the EPA published a proposed rule signed by Andrew Wheeler specifically addressing regulations on HCFC production and consumption, phase-outs, compliance reporting, labeling, refrigerant imports and destruction. They will be opening for public comment soon...

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HVAC/R 101: Where Does My Refrigerant Go?

We enjoy exploring the complexities of HVAC, refrigerant management, legislation, and climate action, but on occasion more basic questions cross our desk. So here is a bit of HVAC/R 101. Did you know that when a technician takes refrigerant from your site to be disposed of,...

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