Transform your sustainability game with Trakref’s sustainability management software.

We offer sustainability software to monitor sustainability performance and provide highest-quality sustainability data, as part of an overall sustainability strategy.

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The first relevant question many have here is ...

Why? Isn’t this just some ESG data play that isn’t really “business as usual?” 

No. Sustainability reporting has become increasingly important in the last 5-10 years, as the regulatory landscape has changed, investors have become more interested in sustainability data, data collection in general has become en vogue for investment opportunities, and a company’s sustainability efforts have been one of the most pronounced aspects of its attractiveness to capital.

As a result, we’ve seen the sustainability management software space expand in that time, which is great. Still, Trakref remains the only sustainability software you need for accurate data collection and monitoring of sustainability performance across HVACR sites and assets.

We become a crucial part of all our clients’ sustainability strategies and provide them with the best ESG data for capital pursuit and sustainability reporting. 

If you’re in need of any of the following, you’re in the right place:

Comprehensive sustainability program

Sustainability reporting for internal and external stakeholders

Environmental management

ESG management

Robust compliance management

Sustainability data collection

A single source for all the data

Reporting software in general

Improved ESG data

The work that powers our sustainability software

In April 2023, we were acquired by leading facilities management software platform Fexa, and this acquisition sets up the new company for amazing sustainability performance management and sustainability data tracking.

We’ve also been writing and commenting and working with the EPA and other organizations on sustainability for decades now. We update information based on legislative and judicial rulings and bake that into our sustainability software, so you never need to worry about whether you’re on target with sustainability performance goals.

Some of our work on sustainability management over time includes:

We’re leaders in the sustainability software space and the sustainability reporting space

… because we have a team of experts that get this space and know how to keep you compliant, sustainable, and operationally excellent. 

TR4 sustainability software - mobile and desktop

Upgrade to TR4, the latest version of Trakref’s sustainability software, and enjoy faster and more intuitive sustainability reporting.

Our team listened to our clients’ needs and developed TR4 to help organizations better manage 300+ assets in response to recent state and federal legislation.

While we do not offer customization options, we can help you maximize our software for your specific needs.

With our new software, you can easily manage and track your sustainability data and reporting requirements, while saving time and effort.

TR4 is a powerful tool that simplifies sustainability management and helps organizations reduce their environmental impact.

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Some specific features of our sustainability software: 

Easily pull sustainability data and reporting

“One throat to choke” ESG reporting software

Use to help determine your carbon footprint as well

Track against emissions

Everyone sees all the data

The only sustainability management software powered by real-time updates to legislation and federal disclosures

Track against sustainability initiatives

Best-of-breed data collection

Push-button compliance and sustainability reporting

Help in mapping the organization’s sustainability goals

A better understanding of assets and sites throughout the supply chain

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Sustainability reporting and “Green-Washing”

Like everything in recent years, the move towards ESG data has become politicized and polarized in the American markets. “Green-washing” has become a common term and concept, whereby companies gloss over their real footprint in their sustainability reporting. Some of green-washing comes from a focus on “business as usual” and the long-held business model, and companies not wanting to change their approach.

But the whole “business as usual” era is coming to an end. It’s been a slow build, but the regulatory environment now demands better sustainability reporting and, thus, better sustainability software. Investors want to know that you have a proper way to track ESG data — and customers/clients want to know as well.

This is why you’re seeing an increased focus on sustainability software, but as you kick tires on different options for your company, remember that we’ve been in the HVACR sustainability space longer than anyone and our combined knowledge is deeper than anyone too.

Sustainability Reports - Trakref

Let’s talk more about sustainability reporting software

We can help you with:


• Reporting frameworks

• Sustainable practices

• The overall sustainability journey

• How to produce reports and easily collect them for external stakeholders

• Materiality assessment

• Actual performance

• Carbon performance

• Data management

• A better look into supply chain

• Sustainability management with a focus on data collection and data management above all

• Identify areas of improvement and monitoring

• Maximization of value chains

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