TR4: Comprehensive Refrigerant Compliance Software

Facility managers in the refrigerant and HVAC-R industry know how important  refrigerant fugitive emissions tracking, risk management, and compliance is. This can be difficult, though. After all, refrigerant compliance initiatives are constantly chaging due to environmental sustainability efforts, and there is more of a need for ESG reporting and answering sustainability audit questions.

This is why we launched TR4: the next generation of Trakref’s groundbreaking software solution, built to help you stay compliant. Get the insights you need about your HVAC-R assets at the push of a button.

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Guide your workforce to successful regulatory compliance

Our regulatory cloud-based compliance software comes pre-built with knowledge of common equipment structures and components for nearly every type of HVACR system known. Our software systems’ workflows are embedded with industry best practices, regulatory requirements, and compliance management processes so compliance is second-nature to every user and data can later be used for ESG reporting for environmental sustainability.

Manage your HVACR assets

There’s no need to use invoices as your primary business process of refrigerant tracking and communication. As a refrigerant compliance software, our cloud-based platform gathers, centralizes, and interprets data on your HVAC and refrigeration assets, so you and your team can collaborate to improve ROI, your ESG reporting, your environmental footprint, and corporate sustainability initiatives. You’ll be able to answer any sustainability audit questions that come your way.

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Make Better Maintenance Decisions & Reduce Refrigerant Emissions

Successful refrigerant management requires you to go beyond the invoice. Owners access to service histories, regulatory updates, repair records, maintenance and replacement updates with performance data for ESG reporting is priceless.

Proven Methodologies

We make it easy to oversee refrigerants and environmental sustainability with easy-to-use workflows and the ability to create reports. With Trakref, you can say goodbye to messy spreadsheets or paper logs that are easily misplaced. Easily enter your information into our refrigerant management software, and you’ll have a digital paper trail and data that you can crunch later for ESG reporting.

We’ve been in the business for 25+ years, and during that time, our software corporation has refined the refrigerant tracking process. Whether Trakref is being used by an equipment owner, a refrigeration contractor, or someone else in your company, they’ll be able to pick up our software and start working towards reducing leak rates, refrigerant tracking, and maintaining compliance.

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Identify Compliance Gaps

Refrigerant management requires addressing your compliance gap. If you don’t know where the gaps are, how will you address them?

Our refrigerant tracking software allows compliance officers and equipment owners to see where these gaps lie so you can ensure you are in compliance.

The Perfect Assistant in Compliance Reporting

Your company may be at risk if you aren’t currently in compliance. With regulations constantly changing, you may not even be aware that you aren’t in compliance. Our software helps you identify these gaps so you can reduce any risks.

Reduce Risk

Now more than ever, there is a need to not only track refrigerant usage, but also to report on it. With ESG reporting and other types of sustainability initiatives becoming mainstream, you’ll need to be able to show refrigerant-related activities.

Support For All Sizes

Trakref’s regulatory compliance software is used by companies big and small. Whether you’re a small business interested in environmental sustainability and following laws and regulations, or you’re looking to support multi-site organizations with complex sustainability audit questions, we ensure that your refrigerants are in compliance and adhere to corporate sustainability standards with support for leak inspections and leak mitigation. We’re refrigerant tracking experts.

Manage Your Compliance Obligations

Staying in compliance is crucial for HVACR professionals. Trakref has the data and workflows to ensure that you have a thorough understanding of whether or not you are compliance.

Fits Into All Business Models

We know that there are new business models constantly emerging, and we keep our software flexible to be able to accommodate them, including unlimited users. We ensure that our software is easy to use to track refrigerant.

Manage Phase Outs

EPA regulations are constantly changing, with chemical and other phase-outs happening. We ensure that Trakref is up to date to help you manage these changes so you can ensure that you stay in compliance.

Follow Regulatory Compliance

Regulations are constantly changing - and Trakref has your back. Our workflows allow you to stay in compliance and guide you through confusing regulations.

Oversee Facility Operations With Our Refrigerant Management Software

Trakref’s management solution keeps all of your information about refrigerant operations and compliance requirements in one place. No matter how many people are on your team, our management software makes sure you have access to real-time data at the touch of a button for easy compliance, ESG reporting, and audit trails.

Follow EPA regulations

When you don't effectively comply with EPA regulations, you can find yourself losing money. With Trakref's easy-to-use workflows, you can make sure that you're staying compliant with accurate information that the agency may want to see.

Stay On Top of Refrigerant Activities

Our refrigerant management software ensures that you know the state of refrigerant inventories in your company. Whether you're looking for information about leaks for corporate emissions reporting or simply want to know about the latest repair that was done, you can find it in one place.

Know the State of Your Refrigeration Equipment

Keeping on top of leaks, maintenance, and other aspects of your refrigeration assets is important for refrigerant compliance. Our refrigerant management software helps you track your equipment and know its state at all times.

Data Integrity

We know that the integrity of your data is crucial. As you’re looking at leak rates, managing leak repairs, and trying to maintain compliance, know your environmental footprint, and increase environmental sustainability, you need to be able to trust the data on hand. With 25+ years of experience, our software corporation is confident in our data. Some of the biggest names in the industry trust our compliance management system’s data in their environmental management initiatives and ESG reporting.


Intelligent Design

Compliance is complicated. Staying on top of the information you need for compliance reporting regarding refrigerant can be time-consuming, but with Trakref, the information you need will all be in the software so you can focus on leak prevention.


Track Service Records

See all your service records in one place. Instead of combing through multiple spreadsheets or paper logs, Trakref keeps them organized for you.



As refrigerant compliance and EPA regulations become more complicated, more people need access to compliance software and information about refrigerant usage. We've made Trakref easy to use for anyone, regardless of how much knowledge they have about refrigerants.

Stronger, Better, Faster: What’s New in TR4?

After three years of meticulous research, design, development, and collaboration, TR4 is set to redefine the industry standard for asset management systems.

Building on the proven success of Trakref’s robust rules engine current workflow, comprehensive asset taxonomy, and user licensing alignment provisioning, TR4 takes these foundational elements to new heights by incorporating significant advancements in speed, workflow efficiency and optimization, and modern navigation.

🚀 Superior Speed: Faster than ever, leveraging cutting-edge technology, TR4’s processing capabilities have been significantly improved to offer users an ultra-responsive and lightning-fast experience.

✅ Streamlined Workflows: TR4’s optimized work order process simplifies and accelerates task completion, allowing teams to manage their tasks and assets more effectively and focus on their core business operations.

🧭 Modern Navigation: With a sleek, intuitive interface, TR4 users can quickly access the necessary tools and features, reducing the learning curve and increasing overall productivity.

🔒 Extraordinary Reliability: TR4 maintains Trakref’s industry-leading rules engine, asset taxonomy, and user credentials, ensuring customers benefit from the same trusted and secure solution they have come to rely on.

Guide your workforce to successful regulatory compliance

Manage HVACR assets

Make better maintenance decisions & reduce refrigerant emissions

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