Refrigerant Management Software.

Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive refrigerant compliance software, an app to streamline a compliance calendar, a way to track refrigerant usage for reducing your environmental footprint, or a far better method to better your ESG reporting, we have a solution that guides you and your team to reduce refrigerant emissions, from facility managers, to the C-Suite, to mechanical and refrigeration contractors.

At Trakref, we’re a software corporation that  understand the challenges managing a facility and tracking refrigerant fugitive emissions brings to compliance officers with corporate sustainability goals and sustainability audit questions. Our enterprise-scale fugitive emissions software solutions leverage more than 25 years of industry know-how and have full feature capabilities. We know that managing your refrigerant usage leak inspections is a challenge and a priority.

Comprehensive Refrigerant Management Software

Our proprietary cloud-based regulatory compliance software has built-in logic, tracking service, escalation processes for alerts and reminders, environmental compliance calendar software, and a full suite of reporting resources for sustainability audit questions with use for unlimited users. Our software mitigates risks and gives you what you need to maintain compliance activities for inspections and leak events in one simple platform for commercial building asset compliance. As an environmental software provider, it is also useful for providing the data you need for ESG reporting, environmental sustainability, and corporate sustainability initiatives. The goal is eliminating reliance on paper and other less sophisticated methods of refrigerant tracking.

Multi-location, multi-system, multi-vendor HVAC/R, and refrigerant compliance management for your assets. Meet EPA 608; CARB RMP; SCAQMD1415; ANSI/ASHRAE Standards; ISO 14001; and more.

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No More Business As Usual

Many years ago, refrigerant and F-gas controls were under the control of Environmental regulators and government policy people. Times have changed drastically as compliance activities for refrigerants and F-gas have increased. Make sure you stay on top of the latest trends.

ESG and Scope 1 Emissions

Refrigerants impact both compliance and sustainability. Your challenge is to upgrade mechanical records and invoices to investor-grade data. This is where you and Trakref meet.

The Road to Net-Zero must include refrigerants

To manage the patchwork of regulations everywhere from office buildings to food processing plants to cold storage warehouses, and to lower your carbon impact, you need a new business model that can provide periodic compliance reporting preparation while eliminating reliance on paper.

Trakref Pro: Refrigerant Software App

Refrigerant leaks are a predictable nightmare for anyone responsible for refrigerant tracking and compliance. Trakref Pro is a digital refrigerant management journal created by a software corporation that understands contractors, allowing them to easily track leak inspections and leak events as well as manage refrigerant usage in HVAC/R systems so they can provide ESG reporting.

Start Tracking

Track Refrigerants

We've pioneered and innovated compliance management software solutions for more than 25 years for sites and refrigeration assets, mastering the art of the regulation workflow. Together with partners, we have helped our clients achieve 100% success over the course of hundreds of audits and thousands of data uploads into the California State R3 systems.

Activism and Advocacy

We are driven by a commitment to reduce refrigerant emissions. We work closely with grassroots organizations across the US, to help pioneer and drive efforts to reduce emissions and allow companies to receive a better compliance score.

A Compliance Rules Engine

Comfort cooling and refrigeration assets are a highly specialized class of equipment in use everywhere from food processing plants, cold storage warehouses, data centers, hospitals, medical labs, grocery stores, and anywhere people need to be comfortable. Trakref's compliance software offers unlimited users access, with full-feature capabilities to support multi-site organizations.

Trakref TR3: Refrigerant Compliance Tracking App

Our Trakref TR3 refrigerant compliance tracking app, based on our regulatory compliance software and environmental compliance calendar software, is an out-of-the-box solution for smarter HVAC/R and refrigerant management so you can take part in refrigerant tracking, aim for environmental sustainability, reduce your environmental footprint, and answer sustainability audit questions.

This mobile solution streamlines a technician or facility managers’ ability to record service activity, support regulatory tracking, capture data, complete refrigerant usage leak inspections, and enter records in a simple and timely manner. Faster and more accurate than paper tickets with logic-driven dropdowns, V3 simplifies the data collection process so you can later use the data for ESG reporting.

As an environmental software provider, Trakref’s cloud-based, blockchain-built software is ideal for any organization looking to reduce emissions and support regulatory tracking and reporting needs. Regulation workflows and a compliance calendar maps regulations into specific tasks to maintain compliance.

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Refrigerant Tracking App Trakref V3

The Best Compliance Software Available

What are your refrigerant leak rates right now? Do you have a process for refrigerant usage leak inspections?

Whether you are a compliance officer or you report to one, refrigerant tracking and compliance, and sustainability audit questoins, are becoming more important to your organization every day as ESG reporting, environmental sustainability, and corporate sustainability initiatives become mainstream.

You know your sites and refrigeration assets experience leak events. As you look for the most effective regulatory compliance software possible, make certain your compliance officers use Trakref’s 100% reliable enterprise-scale system to address all inspections and leak events.

Getting Started

The Trakref process involves new business models that begin with our team conducting a pro-active data review and we manage all the data importing, where we even evaluate model, refrigerant type, and system charge. There are only 3 steps:

✓ List of Locations    ✓ List of Assets   ✓ Training for you and your service staff

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