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Whether you are looking for a comprehensive refrigerant software, a compliance app, or a refrigerant tracking app, we have a refrigerant software solution that not only works for but also guides you and your team.

At Trakref, we understand the challenges managing a facility brings, it’s part of our DNA. Our refrigerant software solutions leverage more than 20 years of industry know-how.

As facility managers, you don’t have time to waste on learning complicated software or sorting through hundreds of new HVACR regulations. You look for effective tools to work like you work, and help you communicate operational success.

That’s why we offer the various refrigerant software solutions below.

Comprehensive Refrigerant Compliance Management Software

Our patented cloud-based refrigerant compliance software mitigates risks and gives you what you need in one simple-to-use platform for commercial building asset compliance.

Multi-location, multi-system, multi-vendor HVAC/R and refrigerant compliance management for your assets. Meet EPA 608; CARB RMP; SCAQMD1415; ANSI/ASHRAE Standards; ISO 14001; and more.

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Trakref V3: Refrigerant Compliance Tracking App

Our Trakref V3 refrigerant compliance tracking app is an out-of-the-box solution for smarter HVAC/R and refrigerant management. Manage refrigerant and extend equipment life; guide teams; and help reduce material costs in the process.

This mobile solution streamlines a technician’s ability to record service activity, capture data, and enter records in a simple and timely manner. Faster and more accurate than paper tickets with logic-driven drop downs, V3 simplifies the data collection process.

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Refrigerant Tracking App Trakref V3

Trakref Pro: Refrigerant Tracking App

Trakref Pro is a digital refrigerant journal that allows contractors to easily track and manage refrigerant usage in HVAC/R systems. Create a simple and easy-to-use log of service orders at any location within your business. Manage internal refrigerant and cylinder inventories; gas disbursements and acquisitions; and cylinder location, history, and usage.  

Trakref Pro allows you to get the most revenue out of each pound of gas that runs through your operation.

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