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Do you know what refrigerants are good to use in the long-term?

With so many changes happening in the HVAC/R world, answers aren’t immediately clear. 

That’s why we’ve updated our handy Refrigerant Phase Out Chart to reflect new regulatory and policy developments, including the latest on EPA SNAP Rule 20.

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Is your HVAC/R system using refrigerant that will soon be obsolete?

Do you find yourself wondering: What refrigerants are allowable today but not in the near future, and what are allowable for years to come?

You’re not the only one. 

It’s a question that facility managers at properties of all shapes and sizes find themselves asking, too, about refrigerant management. And it’s little wonder why. 

In the U.S., refrigerants are managed with multi-sided controls, including EPA Section 608 and EPA SNAP

If you are unaware of refrigerant acceptability and unacceptability listings at the federal level or the ongoing battle over the HFC refrigerant ban, we, the Refrigerant Geeks, recommend you download our handy Refrigerant Phase Out Chart now. (It’s free.)

U.S. EPA Refrigerant Phase Out Trends

SNAP Rule 20

SNAP Rule 21



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