Refrigerant management.
A top climate change challenge.

Refrigerants provide us with the privilege to be comfortable, safe, and productive; however, some are super pollutants, and they can have a negative impact if they are not managed properly.

Trakref recently wrote a joint research paper with Vanderbilt University Law School on what private companies can do to lead. It’s called Private Governance Response to Climate Change: The Case of Refrigerants, and it’s available to download now.

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Project Drawdown lists refrigerant management as a top solution to curb climate change.

Project Drawdown lists refrigerant management as a top solution to climate change.

While a lesser known solution to helping solve global warming, refrigerant management should not be overlooked.

In fact, refrigerant impact over time is sometimes greater than expected, and this could be true across your building portfolio.

In fact, the most common refrigerants in use today have ozone-depleting potential (ODP) or global warming potential (GWP), such as R-22, R-410A, R-404A, and R-134a. 

Moreover, installed refrigerant banks have continued to grow over the past several decades, and, because of mechanical issues and a lack of awareness on this issue, refrigerant leaks have unfortunately proliferated.

It’s likely that your HVAC/R systems could be significantly leaking refrigerants that are considered super pollutants, and you have a choice and responsibility to manage them properly throughout their lifecycle. 

Learn what refrigerant management is in our video below.

Meet ISO 14001 and other standard requirements with Trakref.

With Trakref’s standardized reports & push-button audit convenience, the environmental management of refrigerants has never been so simple. 25+ years of refrigerant management experience taught us well.

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We help you meet sustainability and corporate social responsibility goals.

There are various sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives across the globe. Managing HVACR and refrigerants properly is a crucial part of meeting such initiatives.

Our innovative solutions help you meet the requirements of the following standards and initiatives: 

  • Carbon Neutrality;
  • ISO 14001;
  • ISO 14064;
  • GRI;
  • LEED;
  • & more.

Companies and organizations follow and adhere to such initiatives for effective environmental management. Depending on the size of your building portfolio, your environmental and CSR goals may be vast and spread around the world with facilities in many different countries. 

Trakref offers an innovative HVACR and refrigerant management solution that can be applied across many facilities while still recognizing the needs of each unique facility. 

Trakref joined Vanderbilt University Law School for a joint research paper on refrigerant management and climate change.

Learn about the private governance response to climate change and the case of refrigerants now.

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Implement a refrigerant management program at your facility, and operationalize your sustainability goals

From ISO 14001 to GRI and all the way to managing carbon emissions, Trakref is the one tool your team can use to track and guide HVAC/R activity; manage refrigerants; and report on refrigerant impact.

Reduce your environmental reporting and tracking workload

Ease the regulatory tasks that burden your teams

Blockchain tools provide immediate access to Audits and validations

Set and manage goals across all your operations

Pre-built and proven success in more than 20,000 facilities in the US

Carbon balance sheets and reports built-in


Trakref has more than 25 years’ experience managing emissions for leading global companies.

Refrigerants are one of the problems you can solve quickly and affordably.

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