Are you properly managing refrigerants?

Learn how companies can take climate action now.

Trakref teamed up with Vanderbilt University Law School to write a research report on private environmental governance and refrigerants.

Ted Atwood, Trakref’s President and 20+ year refrigerant expert, helped author this ground-breaking research report on the private governance response to climate change and the case of refrigerants.

Download the research report now to learn how you become a leader in refrigerant management.

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Become a climate leader.

With refrigerant management.

Today, many companies around the world are setting sustainability goals to become more responsible and help solve the climate challenge. However, very often, amidst this goal setting, there is a group of greenhouse gases that are not given the attention needed: Refrigerants. 

Yes, many refrigerants are considered super pollutants. Thus, refrigerant management is one of the top solutions to global warming. 

With this in mind, how is your facility’s refrigerant management program today? Are you properly managing refrigerants? Doing so ensures HVAC/R system performance; environmental compliance; energy efficiency; and climate leadership.

Has your company considered implementing a robust refrigerant management program?

Whether you are very new to this conversation or are in the middle of seeking answers to this complex climate challenge, the refrigerant geeks at Trakref encourage you to check out the research report we jointly wrote with Vanderbilt University.

The report is entitled, Private Governance Response to Climate Change: The Case of Refrigerants.

Private Governance of Refrigerants Ensures

System Performance

Environmental Compliance

Energy Efficiency

Climate Leadership

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