A Glimpse Into the Refrigerant Geek Community

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A Glimpse Into the Refrigerant Geek Community

More than software, Trakref is a logic-driven HVACR rules engine that guides you and your workforce and makes you a part of our Refrigerant Geek Community.

You might wonder, what is the Refrigerant Geek Community exactly? In short, and as you will notice, the community is made up of people who care about HVACR and refrigerant compliance from an environmental sustainability, corporate sustainability, health, and safety standpoint. We want to help companies be in compliance and lessen their environmental footprint. We also assist companies with ESG reporting and sustainability audit questions.

We thought we would take this post to provide a glimpse into the Refrigerant Geek Community by spotlighting a few refrigerant geeks who we are working with including Louis Potok, Founder of Recoolit; Grid Fruit; and more. 

Here’s a quick glimpse:


Refrigerant Safe-Handling in Southeast Asia

After Project Drawdown listed refrigerant management as the number one solution to global warming, Louis Potok was inspired to take action and founded Recoolit, an organization helping to support refrigerant safe-handling and emissions reduction in Southeast Asia, specifically Cambodia. 

Ted Atwood, Trakref’s President & CEO, recently sat down and interviewed Louis on his journey with Recoolit so far.

Louis explains,

“We’re focused on Southeast Asia at the moment and specifically Cambodia …

When you look at the refrigerant management problem, different parts of the world are addressing this at different speeds.

So, we went to a place where it’s going to be the biggest problem that is being tackled the most slowly with regulations and international treaties.”

The team at Trakref was excited to connect with this refrigerant geek.

And, this isn’t the only geek we’ve recently welcomed. 


Meet Other Refrigerant Geeks Who Care

Indeed, other organizations are also trying to do the right thing, and we at Trakref like to connect such people together. 

Take Grid Fruit, for example, a team of MIT and CMU alums using data to reduce energy and maintenance costs for food businesses. The energy aspect of refrigerant leakage is important, and we are excited about this project.

Or how about Bard College, who we are working with to develop a refrigerant management program

As you may already be well-aware, Trakref has been helping facilities manage HVACR and refrigerant since 1994, so it’s little wonder why our Refrigerant Geek Community is made up of facilities of all shapes and sizes. 


Helping You Better Manage HVACR and Refrigerant 

As a result, Trakref understands how to leverage its insights to help facilities manage HVACR and refrigerant effectively. 

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Well, that concludes a glimpse into the Refrigerant Geek Community. As always, thanks for joining us, and be sure to tune in next week for the October HVAC News Roundup.

And if you’re looking to join the Refrigerant Geeks with refrigerant tracking solution, get in touch with Trakref today. We’re a software corporation that has been in the regulatory compliance software and environmental compliance calendar software space for years. An an environmental software provider, we make sure our refrigerant tracking capabilities are there to not only keep you in compliance, but work toward sustainability goals. Get in touch with one of our Refrigerant Geeks today.

p.s., Did you enjoy this post? Let us know your thoughts. Leave a comment below, or join the conversation on social by using the hashtag #RefrigerantGeeks.

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