Helping facilities manage

HVACR and refrigerant since 1994.

With decades of experience as one of the largest recyclers of refrigerant, Trakref understands how to leverage its insights to help facilities manage HVACR and refrigerant effectively.

Plant Overview About Trakref

About Trakref

In 2011, Trakref launched as a part of Polar Technology, helping system owners and others track and manage refrigerants.

The launch was a success.

So much so, that Trakref’s CEO, Ted Atwood, decided to sell Polar Technology so he could take trakref to the next level. The result is a user-friendly solution that empowers organizations nationwide to achieve ROI on asset management and meet important regulatory standards.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a university or a supermarket trying to reduce your leaks and GHG emissions.

Our platform is built for you.

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Meet Ted Atwood, Founder & CEO

Starting in 1994, Ted built 11 refrigerant recycling plants in the United States & abroad, including in New Hampshire, Texas, California, Budapest, Japan, and China.

By 2008, Ted had consolidated 100% of the ownership and was the sole shareholder in Polar Technology.

Eventually, Ted merged several of these businesses together to focus on refrigerant recycling, with locations across the United States, & Puerto Rico.

He had sold all of his interests in businesses built with overseas partners.

By 2002, Polar had grown to be one of the top recycle facilities in the US, responsible for recycling more than 800 tons of refrigerants yearly, with more than 4,000 distributors.

This gave rise to Polar Technology building Trakref in 2011: The first patented full-circle, refrigerant gas asset management and compliance platform.

In 2014 Polar, with revenue of more than $12MM, was sold to its largest competitor, and Ted and his wife Tammy invested the proceeds to grow and expand the Trakref product.

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Our solutions are built by these refrigerant geeks

Ted A.

President, CEO

Tammy A.

Vice President


Roya P.

Sales Executive

Bre B.

Client Services

Steve E.

Client Services & Training

Wes S.

Customer Success

Scott K.

Software Developer

Mike R.

Full Stack Software / Web Application Developer

Julie B.

User Experience Consultant

Arnaud P.

Mobile Developer

Ray Bechard

Ray Bechard

Refrigerant Evangelist

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