Helping facilities manage

HVACR and refrigerant since 1994.

With decades of experience as one of the largest recyclers of refrigerant, Trakref understands how to leverage its insights and regulatory compliance software to help facilities manage HVACR and track refrigerant effectively as well as supply data for compliance reports, including ESG reports.

Plant Overview About Trakref

About Trakref

In 2011, Trakref launched as a part of Polar Technology, helping system owners and others with refrigerant tracking and maintenance. 

The launch was a success.

So much so, that Trakref’s CEO, Ted Atwood, decided to sell Polar Technology so he could take the software corporation to the next level in compliance and environmental sustainability as a regulatory compliance software and environmental compliance calendar software.

The result is a user-friendly environmental software provider solution that empowers organizations nationwide to achieve ROI on asset management and meet important regulatory standards. It also helps with creating compliance reports, including ESG reporting and sustainability audit questions to track business’s environmental footprint and meet corporate sustainability initiatives.

Our platform is built for you.

Fast Facts

45k Users

25+ Years Experience

100’s of thousands of assets

Our Mission

Our mission is to slow climate change through better refrigerant tracking and management.

As a software corporation and environmental software provider, we accomplish this through our solutions, which allows users to track their refrigerant and quickly address leaks and other maintenance issues that release harmful gases into the atmosphere and impact environmental sustainability.

Refrigerant management is one of the top solutions for curbing climate change according to Project Drawdown.

We see this as a call to action for our industry. If we want to help our planet, we need to identify and create solutions to better manage refrigerants and create excellent ESG reporting solutions for corporate sustainability and sustainability audit questions.

We believe technology is the solution.

By providing easy-to-use tools to HVACR pros, such as our regulatory compliance software and environmental compliance calendar software, we know we can limit emissions and have our industry be a cause for good in the fight to end climate change and reduce our environmental footprint.


At Trakref, we are advocates for sustainability in refrigerant management. We want to help HVACR pros comply with regulations and manage their facilities in a sustainable manner to help our planet.

Through partnerships with Darden School of Business, Vanderbilt University Law School, and other entities, we are constantly innovating what the future of refrigeration compliance will look like. We advocate for better emissions reporting and the continued standardization of ESG reporting across industries.


We aren’t just Refrigeration Geeks. We’re climate change advocates.

Meet Ted Atwood, Founder & CEO

Starting in 1994, Polar Technology a US based refrigerant recycling company, founded by Ted Atwood, built 11 refrigerant recycling plants in the United States & abroad, including in New Hampshire, Texas, California, Budapest, Japan, and China.

From designing and building large reclaim equipment to pioneering cylinder exchange programs, the goal was always to reduce refrigerant emissions and create better refrigerant tracking for corporate sustainability.

The team at Polar had a purpose and focused on creating a richer experience for everyone in the re-supply chain, and realized we were not the owners of used refrigerant material but caretakers.

Our experiences helped us to gain unique insights into the refrigerant market forces, including environmental software providers.

By 2011, Polar offered the first online refrigerant banking experience to wholesale suppliers and their clients.

In 2015 we shifted gears and sold the reclaim business, using the proceeds as seed capital for Trakref, a software corporation with regulatory compliance software and environmental compliance calendar software, taking our experiences, technology, a small team of core people, and 20 years of know-how with us to found a software company intent on delivering compliance and environmental sustainability solutions globally. 

We were acquired by Fexa in April 2023. This is a huge boost for the business, and for sustainability in general. You can read Ted’s thoughts on the acquisition and the future of the business here.

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The Fexa Acquisition

In early April 2023, Fexa acquired Trakref. 

Fexa was founded on the principle that innovative technology can play an essential role in helping companies maximize the potential of their facilities,” said Kurt Smith, CEO of Fexa.

“We felt uniquely positioned to help the industry solve the immediate challenge of tracking and managing refrigerants. We did an exhaustive search for the best solution to solve this problem, and it became clear that there is no equal to Trakref’s rules engine in terms of providing a fully compliant, audit-ready solution. Ensuring a seamless transition for all customers and partners is our top priority.”

More about this partnership

“We have seen how the Fexa CMMS platform has helped multi-site businesses manage their facilities more cost-effectively. The Fexa platform is extremely efficient and created more than a 35% reduction in clicks to process a work order within my organization.

The addition of Trakref is a natural evolution of their platform, as refrigerant compliance will require tight coordination between facilities managers, service providers, and HVAC/R assets,” said Chris Jernigan (CJ), executive managing director of Cushman & Wakefield Facilities Solutions.

“I have first-hand experience with both platforms, and the possibilities of this partnership are very exciting for our clients. It’s the true definition of synergy being created between two great solutions. Fexa should be commended for listening to the market in terms of the real needs of facility managers and taking action to bring this solution together all within one platform.”

Read the press release

“We are ecstatic to join forces with Fexa, who believes in our mission of slowing climate change through better refrigerant tracking and management and helping clients gain control over their HVAC/R activity” said Ted Atwood, founder of Trakref and now chief compliance and sustainability officer of Fexa.

”We remain committed to creating innovative solutions to stop costly refrigerant leaks for the planet’s health and the safety of people everywhere. We will continue to work with a broad group of constituents, clients, and partners as we pursue this vision.”

”The combined company will continue to make its unique products and services available independently to customers and partners across the retail, grocery, healthcare, financial services, data center, real estate, and food services industries as they rapidly innovate to deliver new, integrated capabilities.”

Fexa and Trakref will continue to value and pursue extensibility with other systems, platforms, and service providers, so that customers have choice when it comes to finding the best solutions for their needs.

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