Uncertainty about leak rate calculations isn’t good.

Learn how to properly calculate your refrigerant leak rates now.

EPA 608 leak repair requirements have had numerous changes in recent years. It’s important to ensure that your calculations for controlled refrigerants are correct.

This guide provides what you need to know to perform a refrigerant leak rate calculation in accordance with EPA 608.

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Manage refrigerant better.

Does your maintenance team know how to perform EPA 608 refrigerant leak rate calculations? What are your refrigerant leak rates now?

Any uncertainty with your refrigerant leak rate calculations increases your compliance risk and leaves gaps in your maintenance process. 

In this free Leak Rate Calculator Guide, we explain the methods for calculating refrigerant leak rates per EPA 608, including the Annualizing Method and the Rolling Average Method.

Knowing Your Refrigerant Leak Rate Helps

System Performance

Environmental Compliance

Energy Efficiency

Climate Leadership

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