A Comprehensive Refrigerant Management Program.

At your Fingertips.

The world expects a lot from all of us. You can’t take on every individual issue in your work life alone.

Build Allies

Trakref can help you bring together allies across departments, disciplines, industries, organizations, countries and cultures.

Our motto is to engage everyone, reduce duplication and make sure data is entered in a fresh and timely manner.


At Trakref, we merge the concepts and needs from industry best practices, standards, protocols, regulations and even corporate governance into a rules guidance process.

This ensures service staff activities and results are harmonized whether they are in Boston, Budapest, Beijing or Bogota.

New Model of Solution

Trakref is a multi-discipline software tool with unique solutions built for your entire supply and support team.

We align our subscription model to this concept as well. Every subscription has an unlimited number of users that can access the portal in a managed and appropriate role.


Our skills and experience ensure we have the certainty to solve complex compliance problems without complication.

Trakref turns tangible results from market activity into specific requirements that align service activity with your needs.

HVAC/R systems are the most critical, costly and complex assets in our work environment.

We rely on them to protect our data, safeguard our food and health, and ensure we are always comfortable. You need to rely on a solution that is easy to use, fast to set up, works 24/7/365 to protect you, is affordable and does not require expensive consultants to maintain.

What is Trending at trakref®?

We remain focused on simplicity, affordability, and driving innovation with a passion to reduce leaks and end waste.

Our API can link together with any other software tool, so we can handle requests wherever it is most convenient for you and your workforce. Connect your CMMS, EAM or work flow software to Trakref. Reduce the need for redundant data entry and speed the connectivity between your accounting system and Trakref, enabling you to maximize the value of your investment, reduce overhead, and link knowledge bases.

Our algorithm automatically directs requests down the optimal path for solving your problem. It knows when to provide alerts and how to direct activity to keep you compliant. We embed best practices into our solution taken from ISO 14001, 5001, standards defined by ASH RAE, ASTM, and guidance needs set by HVAC/R regulations according to zip codes.

Trakref is a Platform as a service (PaaS) partner with Microsoft, so both our code and technology reside in the safety and security of the Microsoft cloud. These resources enable us to deliver everything from simple cloud-based apps (we have several) to sophisticated, cloud-enabled enterprise applications like Business Intel Insights.

We practice what we preach and hired the experts at Microsoft to manage security, and to safely host all trakref data. Our managed Azure security structure provides a solution to security and defends data, web applications, and websites. We get all the security benefits of having an in-house security team with none of the added expense, helping to keep costs manageable.

HVAC/R – Your Most Ambitious Appliances. Our system provides Benchmarkable Asset logic and taxonomy that is well defined and tailored to the unique nature of each asset type. Standardized and uniform data tools hide problems created by the adoption of an acceptable margin of error built into the process. We overhauled the current view of the assets to reflect the uniqueness of the systems that condition the air where we live, work and play.

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The fresher the data the more capable you are of making decisions that guide and support service teams as they work and record activity. Trakref mobile solutions (iOS, Android) are built to automate your team’s integration without the need for paper. Why let the inaccuracies of paper put you at risk when you can use today’s technology at no cost to streamline data capture?

Integrity is built on trust that is validated through transactions. Trakref filed the first material blockchain patent in 2011, and it’s become one of the foundational aspects to our solution. It can be turned on or off and be deployed in select markets or across your entire platform. Transactions can be reviewed and validated, enabling you to benefit from carbon opportunities, material valuation, or to support ISO compliance.

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Phantom Emissions – emissions that did not actually occur but, because of the limitations of spread sheets, appear because of bad source data, untracked/unregistered assets, and gas loss from poor cylinder tracking. Trakref is built on a legacy of accurately tracking cylinders and gas and recognizing the difference. Use us to eliminate unvalidated transfers, build integrity into your compliance program, and improve operational awareness with accuracy.

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