Don’t Let Small Leaks Become Big Losses

Pinpoint problems with insightful intuition

Refrigerant leaks are a silent industry issue that’s only getting worse. They impact energy, equipment life, material costs and the environment. With trakref®’s live data streaming, you’ll gain projected leak rates to identify assets with high energy consumption and even be able to predict the cause of a leak before having visited a site.

Do You Know Your Leak Rate?
A hybrid system built on 25 years of experience, knowledge, and success.
A dynamic rules engine that delivers compliance success

Trakref has been built from the collective experience of pipe fitters, engineers, and compliance experts with over 25 years in the industry. We have the practical experience you can trust.


We’ve built trakref with you in mind, resulting in a leading-edge crowd-sourced rules engine that’s a hybrid between CMMS, EAM and environmental systems. In other words, the system links teams and property owners together so they can stay engaged, support each other, and do their jobs.

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Refrigerant and HVAC/R Management Software with a Bottom Line Impact

Not all assets are created equally, and must be serviced differently. That’s why different technician certifications exist! Leaky HVAC/R systems, inefficient energy usage and regulatory fines are problems that can plague your properties and drain the revenue they generate. You need improved visibility.

Trakref® harmonizes the logic from CMMS, EAM and EMS and provides service teams with the guidance they need to comply with regulatory requirements. This unified approach empowers multi-location property owners to monitor, analyze and optimize in a single system. This data is processed in near real time, generating insights and pushing recommendations directly to building managers/operators.

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