Trakref’s Partnership With Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability

Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability is a trusted software as a service solution for tracking your carbon footprint and helping your company reduce carbon emissions.

Now, Trakref is teaming up with Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability to help you track your HVAC/R environmental footprint, as well as understand your carbon emissions and the environmental impact that your HVAC/R equipment has.

We’re advocates for sustainability

At Trakref, we’re advocates for carbon reduction and decreasing environmental impact.

We see software as the way forward in becoming carbon negative and meeting sustainability goals.

We believe more sustainable operations should be a global priority, and we’ve built our software with this in mind.

Reduce your environmental footprint

We take what we’ve learned from research that environmental science teams have published on reaching a net-zero carbon economy to help you have the sustainability data you need.

Integrated with Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability

We know that Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability helps you record, report, and reduce through digital technology. Trakref's link to the Cloud helps you get all of this data and more.

Scope 1 Emissions Reporting

Our engineering and product teams have created specific Scope 1 emissions reporting so you can track your own commitments to sustainability.

Track against your goals

We know that Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability helps you record, report, and reduce through digital technology. Trakref's link to the Cloud helps you get all of this data and more.

Reduce carbon emissions with the data you need

To take urgent action for climate change, you need a tool that will allow everyone to access data, from technicians in the field to C-suite executives doing carbon reporting.

Trakref’s integration with Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability gives you this.

Technicians enter data in the field

Technicians enter data in the field

As your technicians are working in the field, they can enter data through Trakref, including cylinders, leaks, and labeling. This will all be stored in the Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability.

Everyone can access data across Trakref

Everyone can access data across Trakref

Our technology allows for unlimited users, so anyone in your organization can later access this data as they are writing reports for your sustainability journey.

Create reports for a sustainable future

Connect to Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability

With our data sources, you can pull data-driven reports using our reporting tools. Have the information you need for your ESG reports in real-time.

Trakref helps with goal setting and action plans

We know that organizations are becoming more aggressive about data integration and having actionable insights about reducing carbon.

Trakref’s integration with Microsoft 2022 Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability provides you with insights in real-time to track your waste and measure your impact on the environment so you can create a path forward.

Leak rate alerts and tracking

One way to get started on businesses’ services to the environment is to track leak rates. With leak rate tracking and alerts, you can make sure you have an effort to stop harmful leaks into the environment through tech innovation.

Track against your goals

With this new offering, you can input your goals into Trakref so you can track against them and see how you develop.

Translate emissions data into ESG reporting

With clear, simple-to-generate reports, you can easily develop ESG reports from the carbon language data that we provide so you have the information that investors want.

Access Our Support Team

Our US-based support team is committed to helping customers with our solutions, but also with general sustainability questions.


We pride ourselves in the fact that we don’t just provide customers with the data that they need, but we also stay up-to-date on the latest in environmental policy and sustainability initiatives.

We’re happy to share our knowledge about what is currently required for sustainability initiatives, as well as our insights about where these initiatives are going in the future.


At Trakref, we see both our software and our support team as an important contribution to the environmental and sustainability space.

As your company uses Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability, we’re ready to work with your company on your sustainability goals and work together for a zero-waste future.

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