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Auditable sustainability data on fugitive emissions is increasingly important for the SEC and ESMA.

You need to show your energy management, sustainability performance, and sustainability management in ESG reporting.

Trakref is partnering with JLL/T’s Corrigo CMMS to bring you an operational solution so you can transition from aspirational estimates to attestable fugitive emission results.

Trakref is the tool to help you move beyond estimating fugitive emissions for Scope 1 and 2.

Investors and Governments Need Auditable Data

Investors and sustainability managers increasingly want to see auditable data about your sustainability goals.

✖ It’s no longer acceptable to use estimates or to even rely on emissions factors.

✖ Environmental social governance (ESG) reporting is no longer optional.

✖ Tracking sustainability objectives is no longer optional.

✖ Having a sustainability strategy is no longer enough.

✅  The SEC is moving forward on rulemaking to make climate disclosures required for publicly-traded companies, and California’s SB 260 will make climate disclosure required for companies make $1 billion or more in revenue.

✅  You must show how you manage risk and how sustainability and ESG play into your company through data that can be verified by an audit management company.

✅  Make sure that you have the right sustainability solution to show your corporate social responsibility and sustainability initiatives through concrete, actionable insights.

Trakref's Solution

Trakref is a SAAS, hyper-focused, HVAC/R guidance, and rules engine developed to help track the entire lifecycle of Refrigerants for compliance and sustainability. Trakref provides the world’s most comprehensive HVAC/R ecosystem supported by a team of refrigerant geeks who have more than 25+ years of experience.

JLL's Corrigo Solution

Corrigo delivers a single, powerful CMMS, uniting your operations, asset and work order management, maintenance, and analytics to deliver smarter facilities management. They provide tracking for performance across all internal technicians and service providers to optimize cost, timeliness, and quality for more than two million properties globally.

Better Together

Trakref & Corrigo deliver sustainability solutions at the operations level. Our integration enables seamless connectivity and auditability of fugitive emissions and ESG Scope 1 and 2 reporting of refrigerants and F-gasses. The CMMS Model, which Corrigo excels at, is supplemented by Trakref to streamline ESG reporting and management.

Operationalizing Sustainability Management

Sustainability software should make your life easier.

With our environmental management software and working together with Corrigo, we make data collection and compliance management easy.


Start your day in Corrigo

Start your day by entering work orders and managing the work that needs to be done. This way you'll be able to manage the tactical elements of your work day.


Move into Trakref

When it's time to focus specifically on HVAC/R assets, move into Trakref. You can follow our rules engine, tag assets, and ensure that you are in compliance using our workflows.


Meet your sustainability reporting needs with our integration

With the Corrigo and Trakref integration, when it's time to report about your sustainability programs and performance management to internal and external stakeholders, you can easily pull the reports that you need.

Accelerate Your Climate Competency With Trakref

Facilities management and proving sustainable performance is not the same as it was 10 years ago.

You now need accurate data and operational excellence in your corporate governance to decrease your carbon footprint, meet the needs of investors, governments, and stakeholders, amplify your maintenance activities, and be a market leader.

Trakref and Corrigo work together to make sure you have the regulatory compliance reports you need. We analyze data so you can easily pull the ESG data that you need through our intelligent software.

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Track day-to-day activities in Corrigo

You need an excellent work order system that creates greater efficiency and streamlines your business operations.

Corrigo does this for you so you can strive for continuous improvement and track progress.

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Track refrigerant in Trakref

Collecting data on your fugitive refrigerant and F-Gas emissions through your HVAC/R operations is crucial.

Trakref will guide your team through our workflows to ensure that you make informed decisions through predefined criteria.

Reports about Scope 1 Emissions

Create reports about Scope 1 Emissions

Reporting on Scope 1 emissions will soon be required by the SEC and other government entities.

Corrigo and Trakref dynamically integrate to provide you with the reports that you need through our enterprise report production platform, the Scope 1 Emissions reporting module.

Access the Refrigerant Geeks

At Trakref, we’re proud of the fact that we have a US-based operations team comprised of experts in how you collect data, emissions monitoring, as well as policies.

We know it’s difficult to keep up with the latest in policy and risk management. Our team is filled with policy experts to make sure that you always have the right information to plan strategic outcomes.

Call us about our sustainability management platform or call us about the latest legislation you’re seeing – we’ll have the answers.

Bolster Your Sustainability Journey Today

If you’re ready to harness the power of Trakref and Corrigo to have the best in sustainability software, get in touch with us today.