Environmental Sustainability Through Refrigerant Drawdown – Rotary Refrigerant Destruction

Join Trakref’s refrigerant geeks in our latest open mic event as we explore the Environmental Sustainability Through Refrigerant Drawdown – Rotary & Refrigerant Destruction

Your entire refrigerant emissions compliance program must remain an intentional and integral part of your consolidated operation.

 Thursday, December 2nd 

🕒  At 1:00pm ET – 45 min

Who is this roundtable discussion for?

Compliance Officers

Chief Financial Officers

Environmental Leaders

Anyone Involved in Sustainability

What is this roundtable about?

Many older buildings have antiquated refrigeration systems that still provide cooling for food, research, or people. However, some of these systems were installed in the 90’s (or earlier) and may contain harmful CFCs. Although your systems may still function, they are very likely to leak. Refrigerants are considered Short Lived Climate Pollutants (SLCPs).

They have significant Climate Change impact. Yes, recycling these gasses is one solution. But not in the case of refrigerants. Recycling sends these back into use which will ultimately lead to 100% emissions. The goal is to identify your inventories of CFCs, get them donated to Rotary, where they are committed to destroying the molecules, so they do not end up vented into the atmosphere to do more harm.

  • Refrigerants like CFC’s have an extremely high impact on Climate Change
  • The Environmental Sustainability Rotarian Action Group (ESRAG) was formed by Rotary to support their newest initiative around Environmental Stewardship
  • Destroyed refrigerants are no longer allowed to be vented
  • We can harness the value from these materials and redirect that to support beneficial programs around the world

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