Better and More accurate access to information for you and your clients.

Refrigerant Shortages

Plan ahead and be ready, because although obsolete refrigerant process have not spiked yet, experience has proven that access will be restricted in the very near future.


Keep Track of your tech’s usage, Generic cylinders with no marking are hard to track, so put Trakref in place and keep an eye on valuable refrigerant inventories.

Theft & Losses

Can account for 30% of all refrigerant usage Hundreds of millions of pounds of gas go unreported every year, leading to billions in losses, this hits your bottom line.

The app features 

Digital Refrigerant Journal

Easily record quantities of materials installed at each service location or at each time gas is used, and assign to cost codes straight from any mobile device with a few simple taps (quicker than any pen and paper process)

View cylinders & their history

From rentals, purchases, and whereabouts to contents, use and all safety requirements.  Trakref streamlines the data process with bar code readers, simple drop downs and prebuilt fields that make it easier for your teams to use.

Track Everything Gas & Cylinder related

Maintain accurate records to satisfy regulatory requirements so you can reduce or eliminate costly theft or losses.  Track recovery, gas installations or inventory stored in trucks and warehouses.

Simple pricing, even simpler terms

We know that for every field person there is an office person entering records and handling the billing.  So with Trakref never pay for your office teams access, and only pay what for what you need.

At Trakref we understand that you need a solution to help manage the growing compliance needs,

in a tight labor market with increased documentation requirements that place strain on your bottom line. 

Your profit: Our software solution reduces the keystrokes needed to capture important data and track materials.   Benefit from our decades of experience delivering affordable, proven savings & solutions for refrigerant users from every industry segment. 

✓    25 years’ experience               ✓    Hundreds of Millions of Pounds Tracked

✓    Millions of Cylinders Processed     ✓    Built by Industry experts for Pro’s like you

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