Trakref Delivers a Sustainable Refrigerant Management Solution

Legislation is changing, and there is now a greater need for tracking your air conditioning and refrigeration.

Key stakeholders are looking for detailed reports that show you are ready for a more sustainable future, including information about energy consumption and the global warming potential of your systems.

Trakref’s solution can help you with tracking greenhouse gases so you can decrease your output of carbon dioxide, refrigerants, and other harmful chemicals to improve your carbon footprint. You’ll go from aspirational goals to operational maturity.

We have the tools to help you fight climate change and show investors that your systems are efficient.

California’s SB 260

In addition to rulemaking on the federal level by the SEC, there is also action to protect the environment at the state level. California’s SB 260 just passed the state senate and will further contribute to new standards for our industry.

If SB 260 passes, companies operating in California that make $1 billion or more in revenue will be required to report on Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions and submit them to the state government.

These reports would begin to be required starting in January 2024.

The bill has passed the senate. It now needs to pass the Assembly. If this happens, the governor will need to sign it into law.

There is much support for the bill, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see it enacted.

Like with the SEC rulemaking, having digital technology to track your refrigerant is crucial.

Being able to report on your cooling systems will be critical, and Trakref has the technology, services, and resources you need to do so.

SEC Rulemaking on Emissions Reporting

Compared to just a few years ago, there is suddenly much more demand in our industry for reporting. The most significant change is happening at the national level through the SEC.

The SEC is considering rulemaking on requiring publicly traded companies to provide stakeholders with reporting on Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions.

This would be required, much like financial documents that have long been seen as standard.

This proposal was passed 4-1. Regulations will likely go into place in 2023.

To make sure you have the proper systems in place to meet these new requirements, you’ll need digital technology in place to track your emissions.

Trakref provides what you need, including logic-driven dropdowns, unlimited user access, and a Scope 1 reporting module.

Trakref helps you track greenhouse gas emissions from refrigerants

Trakref helps you track your impact on the environment through our easy-to-use technologies. Widespread adoption of our solution from supermarket refrigeration to data center cooling shows that we’re serious about fighting industrial air pollution.

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Track your refrigeration and air conditioning emissions

We work with you in the installation of our product to make sure that our technology is properly tracking the output from your buildings.

Our services ensure that you have a full understanding of your refrigerant throughout all areas of your business.

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Scope 1 reporting module

Our Scope 1 reporting module helps you track the development of your impact on the atmosphere.

Technicians input data while in the field, and the system uses what they contribute to allow you to pull reports.

These can be used to show your performance and the quality of your sustainability projects.

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Track against your greenhouse gas goals

Every company and sector has different goals to achieve when it comes to greenhouse gases. Trakref lets you input these goals and measure against them.

This innovation allows you to have a tailored approach so you can see where your resources are going.

ESMA Reporting Standards

ESMA, or the European Securities and Market Authority, are leading the way in climate disclosure in Europe.

They are already ahead of the SEC in terms of conducting analyses of companies’ greenhouse gas outputs – and this is why we wouldn’t be surprised if we see the SEC follow suit with their own set of rules.

ESMA currently encourages companies registered to follow Greenhouse Gas Protocol standards so that investors can use this information in decision-making.

This requires a company to disclose all greenhouse gas emissions resulting from its activities as well as information on the management’s approach to reduce them.

GHG Protocol looks at emissions in three scopes – Scope 1, 2, and 3. Scope 1 is what refrigeration mainly falls under – this is why Trakref has specific Scope 1 emissions logic and reporting.

ESMA’s pursuit to properly analyze greenhouse gases from companies will likely influence the SEC.

We wouldn’t be surprised that, in order to follow suit with European counterparts, we see the SEC put its latest rulemaking into action.

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