Operationalize SF6 Compliance

Achieving a 1% SF6 emissions rate for environmental sustainability, corporate sustainability, and sustainability audit questions will require that you and your team go beyond business as usual.

That’s why SF6 has its own refrigerant tracking logic in Trakref. It will help you track greenhouse gas emissions for these gases with high global warming potential.

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Operationalize Your SF6 Compliance Needs

Sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) recordkeeping and reporting requirements present challenges for gas-insulated switchgear owners, semiconductor manufacturers, and cast aluminum producers working with electric power systems and gas insulated equipment at high voltages.

To address environmental sustainability and corporate sustainability challenges and reduce a business’s environmental footprint involving increased inventory and data management, large SF6 users have to look beyond simply purchasing and using material—they must acutely track usage using regulatory compliance software and gain insight on why, how much, and where the gas was being consumed in their refrigerant tracking.

That is, they must look beyond the minimal compliance requirements and sustainability audit questions to truly unlock much needed insights for accurate ESG reporting on emissions. And to effectively do so, it is very difficult to rely solely on paper documentation – you must look to compliance and environmental software providers.

As a software corporation, we’ve built SF6 to have its own logic in Trakref. It is asset-based, delivering all needed functionality for Subpart DD and support for stakeholders.

Cylinders have always been the common center of utility gas tracking.

Trakref enhances cylinder tracking, ties activity to breakers, and brings your team together to deliver manageable, reliable reporting within minutes.

Trakref has 25+ years experience with SF6 gas management

Take an Asset Management Approach to EPA Compliance

Learn how to bridge the gap between SF6 compliance goals and real world scenarios in our free eBook. Available to download now.

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Implement a new way to track your SF6 emissions , and operationalize SF6 compliance

Your team works outside and so does Trakref. With simple to access drop-downs, bar code scanners, and pre-loaded logic, Trakref keeps refrigerant tracking simple for your team and gives managers the access they expect for ESG reporting.

Track cylinder history & use

Push-button access to Subpart DD reports

Measure installed gas capacity

Corporate wide leak rate

Cylinder rental/history/use/locator

Service event transaction report

Achieve Your SF6 Compliance Goals

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Push-button access to Subpart DD reports in real-time

Track cylinder history and use

Measure your installed gas capacity

Review ARB report for summary

Leak rate report

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