Maintaining compliance in California’s complex regulatory environment can be a time-consuming, frustrating challenge that adds to the compliance-reporting responsibilities of system owners already responsible for multiple federal regulations. Why not plug into trakref®’s ecosystem, where your compliance is guaranteed? Measure, manage and master your systems with trakref®.

In California? If these laws impact you, we can help.

Compliance reporting for EPA, CARB, SCAQMD, etc.

As the only digital, auto-validating, on-demand regulatory reporting solution on the market, trakref® is the intelligent choice for HVAC/R businesses who want to stay on top of a rapidly changing regulatory landscape. Myriad compliance regulations can be a challenge to navigate and seem overwhelming anywhere, but this is particularly true in California. You don’t need to go it alone anymore. At trakref®, it’s our job to keep you ahead of the regulatory curve and make sure that you are always generating the appropriate reports and adhering to all applicable guidelines. With each California law already mapped into our constantly evolving network architecture, it’s our job to know what’s going on in the state, stay current and keep our customers compliant.

Once you have elected to optimize your HVAC/R business with our platform, you can rest assured that your system assets and service activities will be managed through our focus on industry best practices, communication, benchmarking, asset management, and compliance.

Once you’re plugged in, you automatically have access to our best insights, real-time updates on system performance, full lifecycle tracking and optimal asset management. Regulatory logic is already built- in, delivering 100% compliance, automatically, every time.

Asset Management