Operational Compliance for HVACR and refrigerants

Trakref has been in the game of operational compliance and operationalizing compliance programs and sustainability programs for three decades.

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When we talk of “operational compliance,” mostly we mean navigating the intersection of compliance programs and compliance needs with operational needs. Those can feel distinct. In HVACR for years, the focus was “cold and compliant,” and sometimes that focus could be downgraded or offset to “make a number” financially.

As regulatory changes have swept in, and investors and clients are more worried about operational risk management and not upsetting standard business processes, we’ve seen an increased need for operational compliance. That means doing sustainability right, doing compliance right, and not messing up operations as you go.

Trakref can help you with:

✓  Compliance tasks

✓  Risk controls

✓  Fixing compliance lapses

✓  Building successful compliance teams

✓  Navigating the regulatory changes and business landscape

✓  Setting up the right compliance posture

✓  Consistent documentation and easy reporting

✓  An overall operational compliance system

✓  A compliance program that your investors and customers can be proud of

Trakref’s expertise in operational compliance

In April 2023, we were acquired by facilities management leader Fexa. This acquisition results in the combined company having excellent resources around operational compliance, operational risk management, and the general development of an effective compliance program. You can almost think of this as “one throat to choke” for operational compliance and best-of-breed business processes around facilities, HVACR, refrigerants, and the consistent documentation needed to improve compliance without disrupting operations.

Beyond the Fexa acquisition, however, we’ve been helping clients with their operational compliance system for decades, including: 

  Compliance tasks

  Risk assessment

  Internal audits

  Compliance posture

  Operational risk management

  Much more

If you’re a compliance leader who needs help with tracking in light of new regulations or hundreds of new assets to keep compliant.

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Our software approach is unique

… because we study the risk management landscape and the legislative issues of the day, and then we bake those into your operational compliance system. As we study what’s happening in the market, we regularly write long-form posts to keep you informed.

Some examples of our operational compliance work include:

Can you balance operational compliance and normal business processes?

Absolutely, yes. And more importantly, these days you have to — because if not, and if your operational risk management approach lacks consistent documentation, and/or your compliance tasks are all over the place, you’ll get fined, you’ll hear from the government, and you may lose access to capital as ESG reporting and ESG data become increasingly relevant to investors.

For years, the ESG side of operational compliance — operations being mixed with sustainability — was about reports and internal audits and all that. Now it’s much bigger, and important to the business and the bottom line.

You need the right partners to do modern operational compliance right. CFO Dive has noted in the past that 85% of CFOs don’t think they have the right talent, tech stack, and data to manage operational compliance and increasing regulatory changes properly.

85% seems very high, but it’s not. We know organizations both large and small that have struggled with their operational compliance system. We’ve come in and helped them with operations, ESG, compliance, and sustainability. With the power of Fexa on our side, we can help organizations across a multitude of business processes and operational compliance needs.

If you’re a compliance leader who needs help with tracking in light of new regulations or hundreds of new assets to keep compliant. 

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TR4 sustainability software - mobile and desktop

Some relevant features of our operational compliance option

✓  Consistent documentation

✓  Push-button compliance program

✓  Easy reporting of compliance tasks

✓  Improved compliance posture

✓  Reduced operational risk

✓  Scale to manage multiple sites and assets

✓  Integration across business units

✓  Reduction in lost sales and capital opportunities

✓  Up-to-date, baked-in compliance information

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Let’s talk more about operational compliance

Now, it is true that we don’t customize our operational compliance system, but we will work with your organization on how to improve compliance and operations simultaneously.

If you’d like to talk more, contact us today and we’ll run through what we can offer you in terms of best-of-breed operational compliance.

If you’re a compliance leader who needs help with tracking in light of new regulations or hundreds of new assets to keep compliant, let’s talk: