Trakref® recognizes the value of versatility and employs it strategically.

Our cloud-based SaaS is prepared to tackle the differing needs fo our clients across a variety of industries. We customize your individual trakref platform to meet the demands of your industry.

Leaky, inefficient, untracked, unmanaged refrigerant assets result in lost profits and ozone depleting greenhouse gases.

As a complete, enterprise-level solution for the tracking and managing of HVAC/R units, refrigerant assets and service technicians across multiple properties, systems, maintenance interactions and distribution, trakref® stands alone.

Only trakref® delivers report generation and auditing tools for complete record verification with an unbeatable, tested and proven, 100%-compliance guarantee.

Industry-Specific Solutions

Effective refrigerant management boils down to a concerted effort to focus on a few core best practices and giving them the attention they deserve. At trakref®, the core is divided among four simple priorities:

1. Communication
2. Benchmarking
3. Asset management
4. Compliance

To maximize the value of their refrigerant assets, HVAC/R service contractors need to have access to mission-critical data, anytime, from anywhere. They need to know how much they gas they have, of every type, in each container, at any location. Trakref® makes it easy.

With trakref®, your service contracting business is at a distinct advantage because you know where your assets are. No longer will you assign predictable percentages to unexplainable loss due to shrink or venting. Managing your assets from a single platform gives you back control.

Who is the service tech? What is the specific problem and part requirement? When is the work being done, which gases are leaking and where? How much time is spent on the service? Transparency between stakeholders increases trust and enables collaboration, benefitting everyone.

Supermarket system managers have a lot on their plate and a lot more in their refrigerators. Imagine managing a single chain of hundreds or even thousands of supermarkets. Wouldn’t it be ideal to access the essential data and vital stats impacting your entire system outlay at a glance?


Average HVAC/R systems leak 30-35%, about 19 tanks of refrigerant, or the equivalent of the carbon emissions of 129 cars per year. By reducing average leak rates with data-driven benchmarks and workflow management, the environment gets a break, and so does your wallet.

Regulatory requirements impact every segment of the HVAC/R industry, from commercial system owners and service contractors to distributors and reclaimers. Staying ahead of industry regulations and guaranteeing 100% compliance with a proven history to back it up, trakref® delivers.

While every business relies on its HVAC/R systems to keep customers comfortable and happy, for hospitals, climate control is mission-critical. Once onboarded, trakref® collects vital data from all sectors, allowing service problems to be rapidly targeted and resolved.

Some industries, like universities, employ a wide range of HVAC/R units in a vast network of buildings from differing eras. Communication among units can be nearly impossible, but with trakref®, each unit receives a unique digital nameplate and becomes part of a unified data collection process.

Facility management firms are concerned with uniform climate control across multiple properties with maximized system uptime and the reliability that guarantees satisfied tenants. Saving time and money by optimizing unit performance and increasing energy efficiency doesn’t hurt either.

Mechanicals? Certified compliant. Performance and efficiency? Optimized.

An information-rich, trillion-dollar enterprise with a multitude of tiny liabilities, healthcare has undergone an epic paradigm shift. Although armies of contractors are necessary for operations, liability can never be outsourced, and in addition to local, state and federal requirements, regular inspections are routine. Healthcare has experienced a transformational shift, as electronic health records (EHR), health information technology (HIT) and new legislation redefine business-as-usual.

Why not harness the same prescriptive formula that makes EHR and HIT transformational? Healthcare facilities need data validation and compliance-driven outcomes from a trusted, secure, cloud-based digital repository of data, with history and leak rates. They need a validated, report-driven diagnostic platform to obtain maximum HVAC/R asset value.

Since 1994, we have been working with supermarkets and convenience stores to help them better manage their refrigerant and support their compliance needs.

With such large refrigerant usage, broad geographic locations, a diverse workforce, rapidly evolving regulations, and refrigerants becoming obsolete before HVAC/R equipment has been amortized, supermarkets and convenience stores must have a tool that (1) guides their teams at any time of the day, (2) ensures that they are protected in case of an audit, and (3) simplifies recordkeeping and reporting (e.g., for EPA 608 of the CAA & CA ARB) on refrigerant-related activity 24/7/365. Supermarkets and convenience stores who do otherwise may be left in the dark.

That’s why trakref® is here: Trakref® monitors international, federal, state, and local HVAC/R regulations and then embeds those requirements into our powerful, logic engine to successfully guide you and your outcomes. Our mobile and desktop tools engage your workforce and put the data about your HVAC systems at your fingertips, offering e-filing and canned reports for every compliance obligation. Trakref® is more than software—It’s a team dedicated to helping you simplify your HVAC/R systems.

Property Mgmt, REIT’s, Offices, Retail & Mixed Use Commercial Space

Commercial HVAC/R system owners want to understand why their equipment is being serviced, what it needs and how it’s performing. They also need to meet compliance requirements. Trakref® makes both easy.

Dial-in compliance, and get the most from your HVAC/R assets with trakref® software

Local, state and federal regulatory requirements present complex, constantly evolving challenges for commercial property owners and managers. According to a recent California Air Resources Board survey, less than 10% of California properties were within compliance requirements. Pain points plaguing owners and managers include:

  • Trouble knowing which assets to register
  • Timely reporting and tracking of refrigerant usage and leaks
  • Managing service and subcontractor labor
  • Emissions reporting when laws prevent service contractors from submission
  • Assembling system, asset and service records when acquiring properties
  • Transitioning from paper records by 2016
  • Annual registration and reporting in California
  • Required registration (on systems as small as 10 tons) in Southern California
  • Thousands of annual changes to compliance regulations
  • Time lost keeping up with monitoring, recordkeeping and reporting

Simplify HVAC/R tracking and management, maximize asset value, and achieve 100%-guaranteed compliance, quickly and easily, with trakref®.

Routine and timely compliance reports will be required. It’s a fact that isn’t likely to change and can’t be ignored—at local, state or federal levels—but there’s more. Audit frequency is picking up, and in 2016, federal reporting and leak-tracking rules will expand. In Southern California alone, over the past two years, more than 1000 noncompliance fines have been issued. Soon all records will be digitized. Are you part of that proactive 10% (or less) of businesses that are already compliant?

SF6 Gas Compliance: Simple. Easy. Solved…with trakref®.

Want total SF6 tracking and management, with safe and secure digital intelligence, big cost savings and 100% compliance, guaranteed? Done.

At trakref®, we understand the challenges utilities are facing. With broad geographic operations, capturing asset and activity data can be challenging. To compound issues, field techs are obligated to submit service details and gas transactions, which are often beyond the visibility of management. Reporting happens at the substation level, but those handling the equipment aren’t filing the reports, so leak tracking at the source is nearly impossible. When those reports are due within 60 days—but data isn’t available for 90—there’s a real problem.

As if that’s not enough, federal, state and local regulations are often in conflict. Utilities have plenty of data but can’t reliably ensure that full breakers are delivering standardized information for accurate compliance reporting. They need trusted, validated, report-driven services and solutions that save time, money and give them peace of mind. Enter trakref®.

Trakref® delivers successful SF6 reporting and management results, including:

  1. Elimination of wasted gas by automated location of phantom emissions..
  2. Support for identification of leaks at breaker level, enabling teams to isolate offenders and target infrastructure or operations risks for elimination..
  3. Stakeholder engagement with secure, proven technology with an asset management approach, ensuring compliance and streamlining service activity.

Helping campuses achieve sustainability, energy savings & meet their compliance goals since 1994

Your students want environmental change, faculty and staff yearn to be a part of an organization that leads and sets an example, and administration needs a product that is affordable and comprehensive.

Campuses and schools have a unique challenge: 1) To manage energy resources of diverse building infrastructure, which is populated by an environmentally-aware student population, and 2) To meet rapidly evolving compliance requirements in a limited-budget environment.

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration equipment requires the largest energy demand on campus and even results in the highest carbon emissions. In fact, one pound of refrigerant can equal 3,900 pounds of carbon!