Your New Mobile App Trakref®️ V3: Meet the Developer!

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Your New Mobile App Trakref®️ V3: Meet the Developer!


Introducing Trakref®️ V3

A mobile app delivering simpler service ticket entry!

Did you hear about the new mobile app? Trakref® V3 is available now! It’s the latest evolution of our user-friendly refrigerant management tool, enabling technicians in the field to more easily and efficiently enter service records and coordinate with system owners for environmental sustainability. Our latest mobile solution is built to streamline the refrigerant management process, speeding up technicians’ ability to capture data in a simple, intuitive, and timely manner. In the end, service teams get paid faster, and system owners stay in compliance with the ever evolving system of federal, state and local regulations. It also helps with corporate sustainability initiatives, including ESG reporting, answering sustainability audit questions, and decreasing your environmental footprint. We thought this would be a great opportunity to sit down with the developer behind the mobile app, our own Arnaud Phommasone. 

V3 Press Release


Who builds this stuff?

Arnaud is our “mobile, mobile developer” – he works remotely. We’ve had video conferences with him from locations all over the world, most recently in Laos and Paris. With roots in software development for video games, he’s been developing apps in iOs for over 8 years including an ebook for children, a news reader, rugby tracker, a taxi industry app, mobile banking, a travelling assistant, and a quiz game with real-time broadcasting. To prepare for the launch of Trakref® V3, Arnaud spent a few weeks in our Nashville office. We took a break to have a conversation about it:

What was your favorite part of working on our new app Trakref® V3?

It was a great opportunity for me to learn. For the last 8 years I was only developing in iOs. Working on trakref® apps I got to learn two new languages: React Native for one project, and Flutter for Trakref® V3. They’re popular frameworks for UI (User Interface) developers like me, and different kinds of code from what I’ve used in the past.

How did the design come to be?

As is typical in the field, I partnered with a User Experience (UX) designer. At  trakref® we partner with Julie Biot, the consultant and UX designer behind our most recent projects. She and I worked together in the past at Fiserv in New Zealand on an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) associated with the banking industry. We happened to work in the same company again a year later at Globant in Argentina. 

Julie did all of the UX studies for V3, including interviewing HVAC/R technicians to see what functions and designs were better than others – what worked and what didn’t work. As the UI developer, I essentially took it from paper to mobile. Between the two of us we put together a system that places the user’s needs front and center.

What are you most proud of about the Trakref® V3 final product?

Compared to our early app products, it feels more current both visually and from a user experience standpoint. For example, we’re using some animation in the design. It’s really very subtle, but it somehow makes a large difference to the image quality. We’ve also included larger buttons, and cleaner screens.

The navigation is also very well executed. When you want to do a simple task, you don’t have to navigate through a lot of screens. Just a couple of clicks, and you get where you need to go. 

Also, it’s compatible with iOS10 and above, and for Android 4.1 (Jelly Beans) and above. It’s supported by most phones and tablets, including iPhone, iPad, iPad Pro, Android Phone, and Samsung S2 Tablet. Being a product that someone is using in the field, this kind of efficiency gained from good navigation and user device options is incredibly convenient. 

And finally, this is the first time you’ve visited the US, and it won’t be your last. Anything stand out to you during your stay in Nashville?

For one, I expected to be eating traditional American food every day, like hamburgers. But there is such a variety around here. I’ve been eating from the world. 

Also, whiskey is tasty. 

This time around I was mostly in the city. Next time I visit I want to do some hiking, and I’d love to watch an NBA game. Boston/Lakers if possible. I also feel I should have tasted more barbecue.



How can I get Trakref®️ V3?

Available now on the Apple App Store, and Google Play, Trakref® V3 is available for free to trakref® users. 

Not currently using trakref®? You should be! And if you’re looking for a partner in refrigerant tracking with environmental sustainability in mind, turn to Trakref. We’re a software corporation that has been in the regulatory compliance software and environmental compliance calendar software space for years. As an environmental software provider, we make sure our refrigerant capabilities will help you in your journey towards sustainability and compliance.

Trakref is a powerful software tool for refrigerant tracking, including managing leaks and extending equipment life, reducing maintenance and material costs on the process. We call it an “out of the box” solution built to protect owners but designed to support service providers. Paired with the Trakref® V3 mobile app, it’s also the best “on-the-go” solution. Our team of expert advisors can help you upgrade your refrigerant management system. Call (615) 834-0233 to learn more about how to get access to these technologically-enhanced tools.

Similar to federal, state and local regulations, software grows and evolves over time. The Trakref® V3 mobile app is built to streamline the refrigerant management process, speeding up your ability to capture data and stay in compliance with the ever-changing regulatory patchwork. Leaks get managed, equipment is kept in tip top shape, service teams get paid faster, and system owners stay compliant.

Everyone’s happy.

“We interviewed people in all functions, with varying comfort-levels in tech, and asked what they would do differently if we were to start this over from ground level. We were happy with the app, but it’s not about us. It’s about the user, and this was an opportunity to improve the user experience.”

Want to know more about Trakref® V3

V3 Press Release



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