3 Reasons You Need to Integrate Your CMMS and Refrigerant Management Software Today

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3 Reasons You Need to Integrate Your CMMS and Refrigerant Management Software Today

Refrigerant management software like Trakref is a fantastic tool to oversee refrigeration assets, have the data you need for compliance reporting, and reduce refrigerant emissions from refrigerant usage. Facility managers rely on it to maintain compliance and perform leak inspections, especially to support multi site...

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Refrigerant management software like Trakref is a fantastic tool to oversee refrigeration assets, have the data you need for compliance reporting, and reduce refrigerant emissions from refrigerant usage. Facility managers rely on it to maintain compliance and perform leak inspections, especially to support multi site organizations.

Refrigerant management software is a step up from Excel spreadsheets and basic refrigerant logs that track refrigerant usage. However, by itself, it is not enough to fully understand your portfolio.

In order to support regulatory tracking and ensure you are in regulatory compliance, you need to integrate refrigerant compliance software with a CMMS system. This way, you can use the CMMS to manage work orders and tactical elements, and then use refrigerant management software to manage refrigeration equipment and process refrigerant tracking, whether for food processing plants, data centers, retail stores, cold storage warehouses, or another business.

Knowing this, Trakref has partnered with Corrigo to create an API that combines the power of both of our solutions. This integration provides customers with a way to operationalize sustainability and ensure they have the data they need to stay in compliance and report to authorities and stakeholders.

Refrigerant Tracking

Benefits of Refrigerant Management Software

Compliance officers, facility managers, and others working with refrigeration systems like Trakref know the benefits of refrigerant management software. It helps with managing assets, ensuring compliance, and operationalizing sustainability initiatives.

Rules Engine

Trakref has a rules engine that ensures compliance when technicians are working out in the field. They can simply scan a barcode when performing equipment maintenance, and then use drop-down menus to navigate through complex regulations. This ensures that the company is in compliance.

Updated With the Latest Rules

There’s no need to memorize the latest rules and regulations with Trakref. Our regulation workflow is updated whenever new rules arise. We’re keeping our full feature capabilities and compliance calendar up-to-date so technicians just need to follow our rules engine to ensure refrigerant tracking and compliance.

Escalation Process

Even when using software like Trakref, issues can arise. That’s why escalation processes are built in. The software automatically flags issues so that the compliance system can be back on track and the right people are notified of problems.

ESG Reporting

As technicians input technical information out in the field, Trakref creates data about emissions. This can then be pulled to provide compliance reporting and ESG reporting by executives in the C-suite.

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Benefits of a CMMS System

CMMS systems like Corrigo are crucial to streamlining work and eliminating reliance on paper. New business models use them to oversee everything from leak events to routine maintenance.

Streamlines Work

Instead of relying on paper tickets or other ways of communicating needs for work, Corrigo automates routine maintenance. Technicians get alerts for maintenance requests and data is streamlined and automated.

Asset Management

Corrigo manages asset details by tracking warranties. From this information, it automates complex challenges such as replacement recommendations. The software provides repair and replacement recommendations to equipment owners through a visual indicator so they can remain compliant.

Business Intelligence

Data by itself can be complex and confusing. Business intelligence in Corrigo transforms facilities data about refrigerant leaks and other maintenance issues into actionable business insights. The software does this through real-time performance and spend insight, custom reporting, and industry benchmark data.

Better Together

Refrigerant management software and CMMS are great on their own. They provide actionable insights through an enterprise scale system, helping out with a compliance score.

However, Trakref and Corrigo have an API which allows the two systems to talk to each other. This streamlines what each software excels at to create better insights. It also delivers sustainability solutions at the operations levels, providing seamless connectivity and auditability of fugitive emissions, including Scope 1 emissions

Start the Day in Corrigo

When using the API, everyone from the facility manager to the refrigeration contractor can start their day by working in Corrigo. There, they can enter work orders and manage the work that needs to be done. This helps manage the tactical elements of the day.

Move Into Trakref

Once done working in Corrigo, unlimited users can work in Trakref. There, they can focus specifically on HVAC/R assets by following a rules engine, tagging assets, and ensuring compliance. They can also use the Scope 1 module to look at sustainability data.

Combine Data Together

The API combines data from both solutions. This way, users can understand the full scope of their assets. They can see how they are performing, how technicians are working with them, and identify any gaps, especially when it comes to reporting.

Governance ESG Reporting - How CFOs are Becoming Central to Reporting

Why You Need This Integration

There is more need for auditable data than ever. It is no longer acceptable to rely on estimates or emissions factors for sustainability data. With more regulations and scrutiny, greenwashed reports that exist to make a company look good won’t cut it anymore. Companies need to have accurate information, and this comes from solutions like the Trakref and Corrigo API.

Pressure from All Sides

The pressure for better data is coming from many sides, but the main sources are investors and governments.

Investors are interested in f gas as it relates to emissions. They want to see information about Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions through ESG reports in order to compare companies. They don’t want to see greenwashed data – they want to see auditable data, and companies without it can easily fall behind when it comes to impressing investors.

Pressure also comes from governmental bodies. The SEC is moving forward on rulemaking to make climate disclosures for publicly-traded companies. Furthermore, California’s SB 260 is making its way through the state’s senate, which will make climate disclosures required from companies operating in the state and making $1 billion or more in revenue.

The API Can Help

The API between Corrigo and Trakref allows you to have the auditable information that these stakeholders require. It also allows you to identify any gaps in processes to create this data. If there are issues, users can quickly address them by looking at the data from work orders and refrigerant management, and then work to make them better.

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We’ve Seen Success Stories

Many of Trakref and Corrigo’s clients are already using the integration to great success.

One of our biggest success stories was with a large food retailer with 2000+ stores. This retailer operated on a national level, so it had many refrigerant assets to keep food cool and customers comfortable. However, they did not have a proper refrigerant management program in place. This led to being fined by the California Air Resources Board for millions of dollars.

The retailer was working with Corrigo and Trakref, but did not have the API in place, so their first solution was to hire more people to oversee compliance. This ultimately didn’t work, though. There were thousands of transactions to manually verify between the two solutions. This meant data was quick to slip through the cracks and error-prone.

After some frustration, the retailer decided to employ the API. This led to streamlined information processes. They were able to get the granular data they needed in a shorter time due to automation. The timeframe for data went from three weeks to the same day.

Automation also helped the workforce focus on hot spots that needed attention. This created operational efficiencies. Workers weren’t wasting time verifying information.

The API saved the retailer money in terms of manpower, as well as helping them avoid future fines. They were able to follow compliance regulations that they previously did not have the tools to adhere to. We know that without using the API, companies miss 30-50% of transactions. With the API, data is more streamlined and accurate.

Stay on Top of Your Data

If you want to stay on top of your data, you need refrigerant management software integrated with a CMMS.

With more regulations going into place and more pressure from investors, there is a greater chance of being audited about your refrigerant systems and emissions. Without an integration, information is decentralized. It takes an immense amount of time to put it all together and stay on top of transactions. With an integration, data is streamlined. Companies can quickly address issues and make sure they follow all regulations, all while having the data that regulators and stakeholders look for.

If you’re ready to work with the Trakref and Corrigo API, get in touch with us today.

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