What’s Trending at Trakref – August 2020

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What’s Trending at Trakref – August 2020

Our team of refrigerant geeks remain focused on creating innovative HVAC/R and refrigerant management solutions to reduce refrigerant leakage for environmental sustainability and decreasing companies’ environmental footprints.

Here’s a brief overview of what has been trending at Trakref recently. 

Top 5 Things Trending at Trakref

From new software updates to already preparing for 2021 compliance reporting, here’s the top 5 things trending at Trakref now. Let’s get started.

1.) Enhanced speed

While Trakref has been expanding options for users in several directions, this month the significant improvement has been speed.

On Saturday, August 1st, 2020, the Refrigerant Geek team upgraded all service platforms across the working enterprise. In fact, the speed to perform each function has improved across the country by more than 450%. Our goal is to keep each transaction to under five seconds, presently we are averaging 1.1 seconds.

2.) New advancements in mobile

In our mobile solutions, people can move cylinders and have quicker access to records and work off or online. Additionally, in Trakref Pro, you can now add new locations on your own. This will help when pulling reports for ESG reporting and answering sustainability audit questions.

3.) Already preparing for CARB RMP 2020 reporting

Our team is already testing CARB processes as we prepare for the filing window for the 2020 year to open.

As you may already be well-aware, Trakref offers a push-button, pre-populating annual report submission feature to help facilities achieve CARB RMP compliance. This helps with staying in compliance and corporate sustainability initiatives. 

4.) New Beta Dashboard to see the most important compliance statuses 

Users should be using the new Beta Dashboard, as we have received great feedback from clients who have been using it. This Beta Dashboard will soon be the default landing page, so be sure to check it out soon. 

5.) Additional SF6 functionality

We’ve made several updates to our SF6 compliance functionality. Specifically, clients can now get the Subpart DD report in Trakref.

Additionally, the trakref software now uses scale weight and calculates the net weight, which means no more doing the math in your head. Furthermore, SF6 CARB reports are now available for the current and past year. These are auto-generated.

If you’re not already a client of our refrigerant tracking software, get in touch with us today. We’re a software corporation that has been in the regulatory compliance software and environmental compliance calendar software space for years. As an environmental software provider, we make sure our refrigerant capabilities will keep you in compliance. Get in touch with a Refrigerant Geek today. 

With that concludes the top 5 things that have been trending at Trakref. If you would like to see our latest Release Notes in more detail, it can be accessed on our application by demo or request. 


As always, thanks for joining us, and be sure to tune in next week on our blog for some other exciting HVAC/R news.

Stay tuned! 

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