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COVID-19: Business Continuity at Trakref

  Business Continuity  Helping our customers, clients and their support staff to use technology to accomplish compliance and environmental sustainability success is our core purpose here at Trakref. However, today we face an unprecedented challenge as a society in dealing with the COVID19 outbreak.  In a matter...

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5 Things HVAC/R Teams Need to Know

Regulation Changes Impacting Maintenance Requirements and Record Keeping 2019 was the year we all started to see HVAC/R regulations for environmental sustainability come into focus, with changes at the federal and state level impacting both maintenance requirements and record keeping.  What did not change in 2019...

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The 15 Billion Ton Problem: The U.S. Refrigerant Recycling Market Fails to Stop Refrigerant Leaks

Recently the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) published a white paper titled “Search, Reuse and Destroy: How States Can Take the Lead on the 100 Billion Ton Climate Problem.”  The paper very thoroughly explains the industry challenges related to capturing the massive stockpiles of refrigerant installed in...

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