Is Your HVACR Maintenance Plan Ready for 2021?

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Is Your HVACR Maintenance Plan Ready for 2021?

Compliance planning enables you to properly manage HVACR assets and achieve operational success as well as environmental sustainability.

Does your current HVACR maintenance plan reflect today’s most important refrigerant compliance requirements well enough? Is your HVACR maintenance plan ready for 2021? Let’s find out.

In this blog, we will briefly review refrigerant compliance requirements, including managing, tracking, and reporting of HVACR systems and their refrigerants. These are important for decreasing your environmental footprint and overall corporate sustainability.

It’s important to know these compliance requirements because it’s ultimately a measurement of the success of your maintenance program. It’s the difference between a maintenance program that is reactive versus one that is preventative; between going over budget and saving.


Refrigerant Compliance Requirements Are Numerous and Across Multiple Levels

There are numerous standards, regulations, and laws that you and your team may be required to adhere to. Because HVACR compliance and refrigerant tracking spans across multiple levels of governing bodies and agencies, refrigerant compliance requirements can be substantial, depending on how many facilities you have and where.

These requirements can span throughout the entire lifecycle of equipment and materials. Such requirements can apply to new or used equipment or equipment about to be disposed of.

Depending on your role at your organization, you may be required to keep adequate documentation of service performed and share it with relevant stakeholders. Such documentation may include equipment registration forms, refrigerant usage logs, refrigerant leak reports, etc. 

The problem is, many teams are still using traditional invoices, which is not be enough to ensure compliance. 


The Traditional Invoice Is Not Enough

The trend in property management is to require vendors to log in to a workflow product, record an event and then submit the needed documents through a vendor controlled portal.

Often times service teams are billed for gaining access to these portals and the portals only record certain aspects of the transaction – missing compliance record needs or trying to shift the record keeping for the appliance or the service to the maintenance team.

If improperly managed, this activity can add 1-2 hours of paperwork for each service event. Not to mention, it overly complicates the process and could leave you with missing compliance information overtime, depending on where and how you are currently housing HVACR compliance information.

That leads us to the most critical point in today’s post: Does your HVACR maintenance reflect refrigerant compliance requirements well enough? How about for 2021 recordkeeping and reporting requirements?


2021 HVACR Maintenance Plan Review

HVACR and refrigerant regulations are changing. And fast. We want to ensure that you and your team are prepared for 2021. This is important to not only stay on top of compliance, but to also prepare for better ESG reporting and being able to answer sustainability audit questions.

That’s why we are offering a FREE end of year review for your maintenance plan to ensure it reflects compliance requirements well enough and your team is prepared. We’re a software corporation that has been in the regulatory compliance software and environmental compliance calendar software space for years. As an environmental software provider, we make sure our refrigerant capabilities will keep you in compliance

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As always, thanks for joining us, and be sure to tune in next week for the latest HVACR compliance insight.

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