January News Roundup: Top HVAC and Refrigerant Management Compliance Updates

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January News Roundup: Top HVAC and Refrigerant Management Compliance Updates

We have identified this month’s top HVAC and refrigerant management updates that you need to know:

These updates are important for staying on top of compliance, environmental sustainability, and corporate sustainability initiatives. Keeping on top of the latest in HVAC/R and refrigerant tracking is imperative to stay in compliance and decrease your environmental footprint, so read on!

New Jersey Adopts EPA Accelerated Refrigerant Phaseout Rules

New Jersey joins California, Washington, and Vermont as the states who have formally adopted a SNAP-based program to phase down. The senate bill 3919, signed into law by Governor Phil Murphy, will make certain FCs unacceptable for use, and follows the regulations outlined in EPA SNAP rules 20 and 21. With the HFC refrigerant regulations up in the air at the federal level, the HVAC industry await the expected 2020 EPA rewrite.

Chemours provided this industry update, along with this fact sheet.

Original article: New Jersey Adopts Accelerated Refrigerant Phaseout Rules

Need a refresher on the EPA HFC phaseout status after the SNAP rule 20 lawsuit? You can get a quick rundown about  by reading our previous blog post, here.



The Volume of Illegal Imports is “Like Not Having Any Regulations” at All

Black-market HFCs are being smuggled into the EU on a massive scale compromising the fight against climate change. The head of one of the leading refrigerant manufactures stated that the volume of illegal refrigerants flooding the European market is described as “like not having any regulations, or worse”. The financial times report estimates that the illegal imports are costing manufacturers about $500m per year in lost profits.

Original article: The volume of Illegal Imports is “like not having any regulations”

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Time is Almost Up to Submit Your Chronically Leaky Systems Report

Less than 5 weeks remaining to turn in your chronically leaky system reports to the EPA. The EPA has been vague about what to include in the submission- Don’t worry, we can help! Download the “chronically leaky checklist” below to reduce worry and ensure compliance!




The Numbers are In

For those of you living in southern California, in 2019 the Air Quality Management District investigated more than 2800 facilities and fined nearly 25% of those investigated. Specifically, 10% of all those investigated involved a fine or violation for HVAC owners.



Slip and Fall on Refrigerant Leak Leads to €733k Fine for Tesco 

EU Supermarket Tesco has been fined €733,333.33 for breaching health and safety law after an investigation by environmental health officers. The court heard that a 91-year old patron experienced significant injuries from a slip and fall, due to a pooling watery liquid which was leaking from refrigerator units. Multiple complaints had been made about the refrigerant drainage issue prior to the incident, but the issue was never effectively corrected. The court found Tesco, highly culpable. Tesco, whilst admitted guilt, did not accept the extent of it’s offending.

Original Article: Tesco Fined €733k After Supermarket Slip



Grocery Outlet Expects Robust Fiscal 2019 Sales Growth  

Grocery Outlet tallied double-digit sales gains and strong same-store growth reporting preliminary results for the fiscal 2019 fourth quarter and full year. Grocery Outlet attributed the project net-sales increase mainly to 31 new stores that opened over the last 12 months and higher-same-store sales growth. As of the close of fiscal 2019, Grocery Outlet had 347 stores, including 10 new locations opened during the year, and full-year 2019 net income is pegged at $11.9 million to 12.3 million.

Grocery Outlet began trading publicly June 20 on the Nasdaq Global Select Market after filing last March for an initial public offering.

Original article: Grocery Outlet Expects Robust Fiscal 2019 Sales Growth

Call on Trakref 

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