COVID-19: Business Continuity at Trakref

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COVID-19: Business Continuity at Trakref

Helping our customers, clients and their support staff to use technology to accomplish compliance and environmental sustainability success is our core purpose here at Trakref.

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Business Continuity 

Helping our customers, clients and their support staff to use technology to accomplish compliance and environmental sustainability success is our core purpose here at Trakref. However, today we face an unprecedented challenge as a society in dealing with the COVID19 outbreak.  In a matter of only a few weeks, our routines have been upended and now we have to consider things like keeping our aged parents safe, our kids connected to learning and finding a way to maintain a healthy and balanced home environment.  
    Considering all of the other issues and challenges you are facing, I wanted to share what we are doing on our end to maintain business continuity and support your operations during this extreme situation.



Although we are a tech company, like many of your businesses our ability to deliver for you is based on the skills and dedication of our staff, we call them the “Refrigerant Geeks” and the Geeks are all doing well. We have been heeding the advice of the medical community for several weeks and our early planning enabled us to make a few accommodations so that you would not experience any disruption in the service and support you are used to receiving. We are able to carry on like this indefinitely, however, like you, we hope for the shortest recovery period possible. We all eagerly look forward to a return to our normal lives, but during this phase, we intend to continue working productively using every tool and resource available. Presently we are strongly encouraging all of our team to work from home, and self-quarantine, however, every day one very dedicated Geek heads into the office and checks on mail and the facilities, but the rest of us are working from home. 


Work Community and Technology

All of our work communities are impacted by COVID 19, and so we have been in touch with vendors, clients, as well as service providers and we, are working hard to listen to issues each are facing so we continue to do our part to be a valuable part of your team. Trakref outsources our server management to Microsoft and we have been in touch with them about a guarantee of uptime and their continued support of your needed uptime. We have ramped up server access and released a new set of features last evening (March 24, 2020) that will speed up search goals and improve response time. The team has been working very hard to make sure that as you shift from one work environment to another that you can continue to rely on Trakref and the Geeks for great Support and leading-edge technology to get your jobs done.

Due to our line of work, we know that the biggest challenge is that the men and women in the trucks doing the work need our support and understanding as they do their best during a very demanding time. So we released a new app that they can use to cut down on paperwork with the goal of supporting their ability to ensure adequate social distancing, and we are making the app free so there is no charge and if they are using the app they will get the same great support both online and when they call in. Like everything we do, at Trakref we understand that the technology is integral to our success but the people make it happen, so we look forward to helping you and your teams make the new social etiquette adjustments.

More info on the V3 mobile app



As the virus has been evolving in intensity, I keep hearing the same thing, “we all want to make sure that we stay connected’.  So reach out to any of our geeks, (they even liked being called a Refrigerant Geek) and ask them what we are doing to stay connected and support your operations. Trakref is used to taking on complex technical challenges and using a combination of fantastic support and technology to make life a little simpler, and we will continue to deploy these ingredients in everything we do for you.  
Together with kindness and understanding, we can continue to work together in our new work reality.



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