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The AIM Act will change HFC refrigerant management. Are you and your team ready?

The AIM Act, the new HFC phasedown law in the U.S., will change HFC refrigerant management. 

That’s why we’ve created this handy and free HFC Phasedown Brief to reflect what’s on the horizon in the coming months.

Prepare and plan ahead now with Trakref’s HFC Phasedown Brief on the AIM Act.

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Learn Crucial AIM Act Regulatory Deadlines

Did you know that you can expect new federal regulations on HFC refrigerants in the near-term?

Yes, the first statutory deadline for the AIM Act is Sept. 23, 2021.

As a result, you are essentially only a few months away from a major shift in HFC refrigerant policy at the federal level.

If you’re wondering what the AIM Act entails and what it could mean for you and your team, you should download our free HFC Phasedown Brief now.

This handy guide will update you on the important elements of the AIM Act and why (and how) you should start preparing now.

The AIM Act could

Create new regulations

Change HFC management

Coordinate with existing regulations

Cause refrigerant policy shifts

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